Destiny Update 2.0 Looks To Address Weapon Balance Among Other Topics

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Destiny Titan Sunbreaker

Destiny continues to ride a wave of success, supporting a large install base with constant updates and a pair of expansion packs. Looking to capitalize on the game’s continued momentum, Bungie is getting ready to launch its biggest expansion yet as Destiny: The Taken King nears release in a couple of months.

Though gamers are now two months from the next major release for Destiny, Bungie has slowly pulled back the layers, revealing what sort of content fans can expect to see within the game. Last week gamers got a look at how quests and bounties would be changing with the expansion and this week fans are getting a small glimpse into what other updates will be hitting the game prior to the expansion’s release.

In a post on the official Destiny forums, community manager, DeeJ, outlined a number of key items that the community wants to see added into the game. While the list is a bit lengthy, weapon balance remains a topic that is continually brought up and based on a response by DeeJ, it appears that the upcoming 2.0.0 update will finally address this.

“In recent Bungie Weekly Updates, we’ve alluded to communications about how Update 2.0.0 will address a lot of your concerns, including weapon balance. We’ll be talking about all of that work in the weeks to come. Bungie has updated Destiny dozens of times, and your feedback has been a driving force. I save those announcements for when the work is ready to discuss.”

While no details were given at this time, DeeJ did mention that the update will address a number of fan concerns over the title which includes balancing the many weapons in the game. Bungie is also aiming to have this seemingly huge update out prior to The Taken King launching, similar to what the developer did with The House of Wolves back in May.

Destiny Gunsmith

Interestingly enough, fans also got confirmation that Bungie is bringing in another community manager to assist DeeJ with his daily duties with an official announcement coming sometime later.

This isn’t actually the first time Bungie has attempted weapon balancing. The developer accidentally nerfed a powerful rifle called the Vex Mythoclast, a formerly difficult weapon to obtain. Exotic weapons have been another topic of debate for fans in the past, with Bungie working to adjust and tweak them through various updates and patches.

With new weapons on the way in The Taken King, balancing the existing weapons which have been around since the game’s launch will be important going forward to make sure players who use them can continue to compete with the new gear.

How do you guys feel about weapons being balanced? What’s your wishlist for Destiny?

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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