Patch Notes for ‘Destiny’ Update 1.2 Leak?

By | 1 year ago 

Yes, before you ask, people still play Destiny – roughly 4 million of them, in fact. And for those players still valiantly sending their Guardians up against interplanetary alien foes, yesterday was a big day. Thanks to a Bungie-hosted livestream, players got their first in-depth look at the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, including more details about the Prison of Elders combat arena and The Shadow Thief, House of Wolves’ new strike. Not only that, but yesterday evening Bungie pushed out the latest Destiny patch, 1.2.0, with one big caveat – the update doesn’t do anything yet.

As explained by Bungie’s official Twitter account, update 1.2.0 was deployed, but its “changes will go live at a later date” – presumably, a little closer to the House of Wolves’ release window. However, thanks to some enterprising Reddit users, players have a pretty good idea what to expect when the patch eventually goes live. While the original, leaked change list has been removed, sites like IGN are preserving the information for posterity. This is the Internet, after all; once it’s out there, it’s impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.

That being said, keep in mind that none of this is official. A Bungie representative joined the Reddit thread and said that, while the list contains “some good guesses,” players are advised to wait for the official patch notes before getting too excited. After all, as the rep said, “those are the promises we aim to keep.”

Destiny Crucible Guardians

However, if this list is accurate, Bungie has a lot of exciting changes in the queue for PvP fans, as the CrucibleDestiny’s player versus player multiplayer mode – looks like it’s 1.2.0’s main focus. Maps from The Dark Below expansion will be added to the normal Crucible rotation, and the Crucible’s Reputation and Mark rewards will be doubled.

It’s going to be easier to get items through the Crucible, too: legendary items are being added as a post-game reward, and rewards for the winning team will be balanced by player performance. The better a person does, the greater their chance at getting the best items.

Update 1.2.0 contains a number of bug fixes, too. One fix eliminates a glitch that “allowed players to manipulate ammo when equipping an Icebreaker and switching weapons,” which many players assume refers to the infamous heavy ammo glitch, used most frequently during the Crota’s End raid. There are also some fixes coming to the Iron Banner, and a few of the game’s more popular weapons.

Honestly, there’s a lot there, and curious players are encouraged to check out the whole list. These may not be the official patch notes, but until update 1.2.0 goes live, it’s the best hint players have as to what Bungie has in store.

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