Destiny Guide: How to Unlock the Class-Specific Exotic Weapons

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Many Destiny players are now probably done with the new campaign content that’s been added to the game via The Taken King. Beyond that, the new King’s Fall Raid is likely the most pressing challenge — but you may find that you need some new gear to take on Oryx on his home turf.

The Taken King introduces some class-specific exotic weapons that could help change the face of a battle with the god-king of the Taken, but there are a few hoops to jump through to gain access to them. Follow this guide, and your Guardian will be locked and loaded with the latest weaponry in no time at all.

First, you’ll need to reach rank 3 with the Gunsmith. You can do this by testing weapons out for him — you’ll be given a new gun to play around with, and a challenge associated with that weapon in particular. This might be killing a certain amount of a particular enemy, or racking up kills in a particular Crucible game mode.

Destiny Light Eater Ogre

Once you’ve completed enough tests to reach rank 3, you’ll be presented with a quest to earn the exotic weapon for your class. All of this is tied to the particular weapon that each class earns; Auto Rifles for Titans, Hand Cannons for Hunters and Scout Rifles for Warlocks.

You’ll need to rack up 100 kills with a weapon of the corresponding type with a Primary telemetry active. Once that’s completed, you’ll also have to dismantle legendary or rare weapons of the same type as the corresponding weapon reward for your character class. Legendary count for 5 points towards a count of 10, while rare count as 2.

This should complete the quest without the player having to wait for Arms Day, a new mechanic that’s introduced in The Taken King. Armsday, which falls on a Wednesday, is when new test weapons appear, though, so players looking to earn more Gunsmith reputation should be aware of that.

The following weapons are the rewards for each character class:

Hunter — Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon)

Destiny Ace of Spades Exotic

  • TrueSight IS | QuickDraw IS | SteadyHand IS
  • Firefly – Precision kills cause the target to explode
  • High Caliber Rounds | Perfect Balance | Reinforced Barrel
  • Maverick – Precision kills move one round from your ammo reserves into the magazine

Warlock — Tlaloc (Scout Rifle)

Destiny Tlaloc Exotic

  • Smooth Ballistics | Accurized Ballistics | Soft Ballistics
  • Eye of the Storm – This weapon becomes more accurate as your health gets lower
  • Hand Loaded | Armor Piercing Rounds | Injection Mold
  • Overflow – This weapon has better handling, rate of fire, and stability while the wielder’s super is charged.

Titan — The Fabian Strategy (Auto Rifle)

Destiny Fabian Strategy Exotic

  • Smooth Ballistics | CQB Ballistics | Linear Compensator
  • Life Support – Kills with this weapon while critically wounded have a chance to start regenerating health
  • Extended Mag | Lightweight | Smallbore
  • Front Lines – This weapon has increased handling, rate of fire, and stability when enemies are close

Destiny is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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