Destiny Players Two-Man Ogre Boss Fight in King’s Fall Raid

By | 1 year ago 

When it comes to Destiny’s latest raid, King’s Fall, there are many areas meant to challenge players. Some, like the piston-based jumping puzzle, simply require precision, while others, like the recently discovered secret relic room, almost certainly necessitate unconventional thinking. But when it comes to the raid’s core conflicts – that is, the boss battles – each is challenging in a different way. The fight with the Ogre Golgoroth, for example, requires communication and coordination, and ideally a strong 6-player team.

However, since this is Destiny we’re talking about, there were bound to be players who approached the fight in an unconventional way. And who better to create a self-imposed challenge than The Legend Himself, one of Destiny’s premiere challenge running groups. This is the same group of players that did numerous solo runs through the Crota’s End raid and took on Atheon as a two-man team.

And for the King’s Fall raid it appears that The Legend Himself chose two-manning Golgoroth as their first challenge. Seen in the video below (the run starts at 1:56:00), the two Destiny players are able to handle all of the responsibilities of a six-person team between the two of them.

By and large the duo’s strategy is fairly simple: one player manages Golgoroth’s gaze while the other uses the Pool of Reclaimed Light buff combined with Weapons of Light and a Black Spindle exotic sniper rifle for maximum and consistent damage. However, anyone who has completed, or even attempted, the Golgoroth fight knows that there are a lot of things that can go wrong, but these two players were relatively lucky. In fact, one of them does die during the run, but they are able to rebound nicely.

While plenty of players have struggled with taking down Golgoroth with a fireteam of 6, it’s impressive to see a highly coordinated group of two complete the section. Unfortunately, while the Crota’s End raid was ripe with opportunities for soloing and two-manning sections, King’s Fall is less so. Some might even say that Bungie designed the new Destiny: The Taken King raid specifically with anti-solo measures in mind, as most of the major fights require at least four players, in most cases more, to complete.

That hasn’t stopped The Legend Himself, and main user Slayerage, from trying to figure out new secrets in King’s Fall, though, like the aforementioned secret room. Although he wasn’t the first to discover the room, Slayerage has been trying to uncover its secrets for longer than any player thus far, going from careful puzzle-solving to brute force and back again.

It’s a shame that the secret room turned out to be nothing, but it’s extensive digging like this that shows we’ve only scratched the surface as far as the King’s Fall raid is concerned. Sure, some players are already figuring out new challenges for the endgame activity, but with Hard Mode still on the way there’s a lot more to experience.

Source: sc_Slayerage (Twitch)