'Destiny' & 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Troll Outed, Shows No Remorse

'Destiny' Troll Outed

Destiny is one of the most popular games of the current generation with an impressive number of active accounts. With a large player-base, mathematically there's bound to be some negativity from a portion of Guardians. We've learned an extreme case of this recently when a 17-year old deleted an 11-year old gamer's characters after being invited to play via the PlayStation 4's Share Play feature.

The aforementioned 17-year old who coaxed the 11-year old, Henry, to enable Share Play by ensuring him he'd help progress his characters for him, has been outed and remains remorseless for his actions. Fortunately, there is video evidence of the deletion which led to the discovery of the culprit, but in an interview with GameInformer the teen simply says "Suck it up and move on with life. What else is there to say."

The teen, who's alias is 'Chris' in this whole ordeal, also claims to have done the same to two other Destiny accounts and a Grand Theft Auto 5 account using the same methods of gaining another player's account via Share Play. It's also thought that he's used another account to grief other players by making them the target of nasty messages.

Destiny players have submitted a few reports regarding the account that abused the Share Play feature, but neither Bungie nor Sony have made official statements on what actionable steps they plan to take. The closest thing from Bungie was a statement noting that they're still looking into the appropriate actions for abuse like this event, and a friendly reminder to “protect your Guardians from sleazy online jerks – or dogs that step on your controller.” Since it was an abuse to Share Play, the repercussions may need to come from directly from Sony.

Destiny Troll Has No Remorse

With the current state of gaming culture seemingly littered with negativity, which always eclipses the positive moments, there's still evidence that it's not as grim as the face value portrays. Despite Henry suffering the loss of some invested time into his Destiny saves, plenty of gamers have offered their services to assist in building his characters back up. Henry's mother also says they've moved on and that he's great, stating that there are "no victims, only students of life."

Still, it's a shame our culture still harbors those like Chris, who get a kick out of bringing grief onto others by abusing platforms that are supposed to be forms of entertainment, joy and escapism themselves. Gaming should be a safety net for players to secure a time of enjoyment without worry, but the reality is that there's always going to be a troll under the bridge.

Although Henry's intentions were good, he did put himself at risk by allowing a stranger to take over his game. Share Play is a great way to let friends try games or help out, but it's also a great risk if you don't know who you're giving permission to access your games.

Do you feel that Henry was at fault for giving Chris access? How should Sony modify the Share Play feature to prevent abuse?

Source: GameSpot

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