Destiny Player TripleWRECK Shares Frustrations Over Lack of Content

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One of Destiny's most familiar faces decides to vocalize some of his frustrations with Bungie's ailing FPS and MMO hybrid shooter in a brutally honest YouTube video.

It's been a rough start to the new year for Destiny, a title that was already polarizing to many in the video game community which has only seen its reputation begin to falter even more in recent weeks. TripleWRECK, known for his high-quality content production in the Destiny community, took to YouTube to voice his wavering faith in both the game and Bungie as a developer. TripleWRECK even went so far as to describe Destiny as dead, stating:

"For me, Destiny in its current state is dead. It may not be dead in a literal sense, millions still play it...but anyone who has played Destiny with any regularity will probably be looking for new games."

The erstwhile Destiny gamer elaborated on just how unusually long it's been since Destiny fans were given an update on where the game was headed, as The Taken King, though it received an overwhelmingly positive reception, came out in September. Bungie has already confirmed that the next major update to Destiny won't come until after February, which will make it a minimum of seven months between major content releases. TripleWRECK and many others feel that's simply too long for a game that promised frequent DLC add-ons and significant updates.


TripleWRECK further expressed his frustrations by saying that he felt the community "wasn't being treated fairly" by Bungie, after the developer secretly implemented skills-based matchmaking into Destiny in December. The update has been implemented very sloppily, as Guardians all over the world have been subjected to increasingly laggy games as a result of the skills-based matchmaking creating more cross-server play.

While Destiny has still managed to retain most of its impressive playerbase, it's beginning to look like Bungie will need to act quickly in order to prevent bleeding a significant number of fans, especially if the community's growing concerns aren't soothed soon. Even the most dedicated Destiny players are losing faith in Year 2, and so far they haven't been given any new reasons not to.

TripleWRECK makes sure to state in his video that he still believes Destiny can be the game so many of its fans think it can be, but that he will be scaling back his activity within the title until the major issues of lack of content and buggy gameplay are addressed. With rumors indicating that Destiny 2 has been delayed past its unannounced internal release date, now more than ever Bungie needs to address Destiny's core problems, and soon. If they don't, games like The Division might give many disgruntled Guardians a new home.

Do you agree with TripleWRECK's thoughts on the state of Destiny? Should players give Bungie the benefit of the doubt if the developer announces some major content in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny is available now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube

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