GR Pick: Destiny Player tripleWRECK Creates Awesome PvP Montage


After the advent of Twitch live streaming, the gaming community now has access to previously unheard of amounts of video, featuring some of the premier eSports athletes showing off their dazzling skills. Often, the best plays from each streamer will make their way into short compilation videos on YouTube.

Most of those videos are just a series of clips accompanied by some generic, adrenaline-inducing background music. However, one Destiny player just released a video montage that is as much a work of art as it is a brief look at some extremely high-level gameplay.

A popular Destiny streamer named tripleWRECK released a video yesterday that is, in short, three minutes and thirty seconds of awesome. Uploaded to YouTube, the video features tripleWRECK playing Destiny's PvP maps in a way that few could hope to match. The video sees tripleWRECK using omnipresent weapons like the Thorn and The Last Word, guns that the Destiny team at Bungie have decided to redesign because of their high power level. However, tripleWRECK also shows off how to kill fellow Guardians with a bit more flair, using less popular weapons like the Necrochasm and No Land Beyond. tripleWRECK makes the oft-maligned No Land Beyond, alongside every other weapon he can get his hands on, shine.

With all the recent talk of weapon rebalancing and limited PvP map selectionDestiny's PvP has clearly been the primary concern of its fans. While Bungie has attempted to garner some feedback in the form of a player wishlist, the perception surrounding Destiny's PvP has been fairly negative as of late. Videos like this, made by players heavily involved in the PvP community, definitely help make it look like something that deserves a second chance ahead of Destiny: The Taken King's release in September.

tripleWRECK's video is as impressive for its editing as much as the gameplay it features. tripleWRECK and Neenkin, the other editor involved in the video, have created something beautiful. The mixture of colors and sound make for an almost surreal experience, an example of how video games can be art. Each movement is matched with a burst of color or the beat of the music in the background, itself a sublime choice called "Eternity" by Rachel Taylor, and gameplay footage transitions seamlessly from one clip to the next. It all adds up to one of the best montage videos in gaming history, and we here at Game Rant hope this isn't the last time tripleWRECK and Neenkin team up to produce Destiny community content.

tripleWRECK can be found streaming on his Twitch channel, and Neenkin is on Twitter.

Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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