Destiny Gets Spooky Version of Trials of Osiris


As a part of the festivities around Destiny's Halloween live event, Festival of the Lost, Trials of Osiris gets special gameplay modifiers not typical of the mode.

Destiny fans are taking part in the game's newest live event, the second year of the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost. But for the first time, the weekend PvP playlist, Trials of Osiris, is getting some changes to make things a little spookier.

For this week's Trials of Osiris, the Motion Tracker has been disabled and players will no longer be able to revive their teammates. Destiny fans first heard the news of something different from Bungie's PvP Lead, Derek Carroll:


Especially on the map for this week, the close-quarters Moon map Cauldron, this should make for a mix of chaos and camping with more freedom to flank or surprise enemies around a corner. Early reports are that shotguns are ruling the day in this week's Trials, although much of the Destiny PvP meta has shifted that way since the release of Rise of Iron.

In addition to the lack of Motion Tracker and revives, there is a scream sound effect and a spider visual cue added to go along with the Festival of the Lost theme. Players have not been able to determine what triggers the scream, whether it is random or triggered by an action such as a player standing behind another player or when getting behind cover.

Destiny Fireteam Crucible

Communication among teams will be even more important this week in Trials, as the lack of the Motion Tracker will require good callouts and letting teammates know when an enemy is approaching or attempting to flank. And the advantage gained by the team who gets the first kill should be felt even more with the loss of each player carrying more weight in this Elimination game mode without the ability to revive.

Bungie is continuing its search to try to track down cheaters in the Trials of Osiris playlist, after there was an issue last weekend with players carrying out DDoS attacks against each other to knock them out of the competition. Bungie is banning cheaters (sometimes permanently) who are caught cheating. The developer urges players to use the in-game reporting tools to report anyone suspected of cheating during Trials of Osiris.

It is likely that this spooky version of Trials of Osiris will repeat next weekend, as Festival of the Lost does not come to an end until November 8. Speaking of Festival of the Lost, the event is drawing ire from fans with its heavy focus on microtransactions.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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