For several months now, Destiny players have been regularly testing their mettle in the Trials of Osiris, a new multiplayer mode added with the House of Wolves DLC expansion. They’ve tried their best to go 9-0 in the hopes of reaching Mercury, where a special treasure chest awaits with rare loot and glory, but not all have been successful. Moreover, some have found that perfection is only possible on specific Trials of Osiris maps, while other arenas pose too great a challenge to their chosen fireteam’s play style.

As we’ve previously detailed, the Trials of Osiris map selection in Destiny is currently a small pool of 6 maps chosen by Crucible designer Derek Carroll. So, while Destiny currently supports more than a dozen multiplayer maps (if you count the PlayStation exclusives), only about half of them are available for Trials of Osiris.

Although it is very likely that Trials of Osiris’ map rotation will change in the future, Bungie has today announced its first major change for the multiplayer event. For this week and this week only, Trials of Osiris will feature all 6 maps, selected randomly between matches.

News of the new approach to Trials comes courtesy of Thursday’s Bungie Weekly Update, which also included detailed looks at the new Taken King weapon designs. In the Update, Bungie reveals that the decision to rotate the maps is meant mostly to challenge current Trials of Osiris pros, and to test how successful the event is for the weekend.

As we mentioned, for some Destiny players the Trials of Osiris map can dictate whether they even participate in the Crucible event at all. For example, maps with longer sniper sight lines like Pantheon and Widow’s Court are genuine struggles for shotgun-focused players, while some simply can’t find a rhythm on certain maps.

Destiny- Trials of Osiris Map Selection is Very Limited

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that one of those less-favored maps won’t appear during a 9-0 run, but the good news is there will be a new map waiting on the other side of the match. At least, we hope there is; it’s always possible that the same map could come up twice.

Overall, the new map rotation approach sounds like an interesting move by Bungie to keep Trials of Osiris feeling a little fresher. Our guess is that Trials player numbers have started to decline once players discovered the map rotation is so limited. Couple that with the fact that many players already have all the rewards they want from Mercury, and there really is little point to participate in the event after that. Even those who want to casually run Trials may get burnt out; it can be quite demanding to go 9-0, and a loss towards the end of the Trials of Osiris passage is extremely deflating.

But, Trials of Osiris is still, in our opinion, the best thing going for Destiny players at the moment. It offers an intense challenge and delivers a genuine sense of accomplishment with each win. And once Destiny Update 2.0 delivers its weapon balance changes, Trials of Osiris should become even more interesting and dynamic.

Source: Bungie