Destiny: Only 16 Percent of Trials of Osiris Players Made it to the Lighthouse

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Bungie reveals that only 16 percent of Trials of Osiris players were able to go Flawless through the ultra-competitive PvP gauntlet in Destiny and make it to the lighthouse.

The first week of Destiny’s Trials of Osiris PvP event since the release of The Taken King ended this past Tuesday, and a new weekend of the ultra-competitive mode returns today. According to Bungie, Trials of Osiris is meant to be end-game content, and as a result the rewards for going Flawless in Trials of Osiris are of the same level to the gear gained from King’s Fall Hard Mode. Due to the high difficulty curve, being able to pull off a 9-0 run through Trials of Osiris has always been considered a challegne, but according to new stats from Bungie, being a champion in Trials of Osiris is actually VERY difficult.

In their latest Weekly Update, Bungie reveals that out of the 820,986 players who entered Trials of Osiris last week, only 133,444 players made it to the Lighthouse at least once. That is only 16.25% of contenders. It’s safe to say that Trials of Osiris is indeed the endgame for PvP-focused players, and it appears Bungie is happy with where the mode is at.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll said on Twitter that not every player will make it through Trials:

Carroll went on to say that because Bungie expects that some will never see Mercury’s Lighthouse, but Trials of Osiris Bounties were added in Year Two to combat that. Most Bounties can be grinded out by most players, and doing so gives a random chance at receiving a high-level exotic or piece of Trials gear as a reward.

Also in the Weekly Update, Bungie said that the overall number of winners in Trials of Osiris has dropped since May, when 188,442 players achieved Flawless runs. It’s unlikely this lower number is due to a drop in the overall population in Destiny, though, especially since the game’s registered users jumped from 20 million to 25 million since the release of The Taken King.

Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Treasure Chest

The likely cause is due to the new matchmaking system implemented in Year Two’s Trials of Osiris, which matches teams with opponents who possess the same number of wins. This decreases the amount of teams (especially really good ones) who have been able to coast through the Trials of Osiris gauntlet by getting matched up with lower-skilled teams.

Bungie also said they are analyzing the data from Trials of Osiris as well as fan feedback and other statistics about weapons and classes, and will be making some tweaks to them in a December update.

As Trials begins again today, be sure to check out these tips from Twitch streamer tripleWRECK about how to win in Trials of Osiris.

Did you go Flawless last week in Destiny’s Trials of Osiris?

Source: Bungie