Destiny: Bungie Will Ban Trials of Osiris Cheaters for Months

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Bungie is actively banning Destiny players who cheat in the highly-competitive Trials of Osiris game mode, issuing multi-month restrictions to offenders.

Destiny’s highly competitive PvP mode Trials of Osiris is back, and for many it’s better than ever. With the nerf to Thorn and The Last Word in Patch 2.0, the multiplayer Meta in Destiny has shifted to a new set of weapons, and in the process put new life into the weekend-only Crucible playlist.

While The Taken King and its patches have brought a freshness to Trials of Osiris, there are some who are up to old tricks. As with any game, some players always look for a leg up, even if it means cheating.

Destiny is no different, and Trials of Osiris brings them out like nothing else in the game. But Bungie was quick to fire back, letting the Destiny community know that the banhammer is being swung with full force.

Trials of Osiris has become even more competitive in Year Two, with teams of equal wins being matched up against each other on the road to Flawless, or 9-0. Add to it that the stakes are even higher with Trials of Osiris dropping gear and exotics equivalent to King’s Fall Hard Mode raid gear (up to the Light level cap of 320), and some players will do anything to win.

The methods aren’t new—lag switching, DDOSing opponents, and a nefarious method of backing out of a match while preserving a Flawless Trials Passage – and Bungie’s response hasn’t changed either. In fact, it’s gotten more aggressive. Bungie has confirmed that any of the cheaters in Trials of Osiris will be banned for multiple months, and that the ban applies to anyone caught cheating just once as well as players associated with cheaters (i.e. in their fireteam).

Trials of Osiris Ban

Bungie’s bans can range from just the Trials playlist to a player being locked out of the loot they earned during the cheating run, or they can go as far as a player being restricted from all Crucible playlists or even the entire game. More information about bans in Destiny can be found on Bungie’s Help section.

This isn’t the first time Bungie has brought the banhammer down on Trials of Osiris cheaters. While Bungie has been pinged in the past by Destiny‘s fanbase for being slow to act on exploits, it’s encouraging to hear that the developer has been so quick to jump on anything that could ruin this experience for players.

As Bungie continues to weed out those who would exploit the highly-competitive (or as the Destiny community calls it “sweaty”) game mode, now is probably a good time to brush up on some Trials of Osiris tips from Destiny streamer tripleWRECK.

Trials of Osiris runs up to the weekly reset on Tuesday, November 3 at 2 a.m. Pacific.

Have you been the victim of cheaters in Trials of Osiris? Or you among those banned from Destiny’s activities?

Source: Bungie