5 Trials of Osiris Tips & Strategies from a Destiny PvP Pro

Destiny Sword Carry - Hunter

For the return of Trials of Osiris in Year 2 we're reposting a popular feature that helped players go flawless in Year 1.

In our review of Destiny's Trials of Osiris multiplayer event, we called the new Crucible experience one of the best things Bungie's game has to offer. Granted, we acknowledged that the experience certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but those who do give it a try may find Trials of Osiris offers some of the genuine tension that makes real competition successful.

However, while plenty of players gave Trials of Osiris a try, not everyone was lucky enough (or rather skilled enough) to go 9-0 and make it to Mecrury’s Lighthouse. Sure, everyone had that secret area and top tier loot on their mind, but for some, winning that many Crucible matches just wasn’t a possibility. Then, on Tuesday, Trials of Osiris’ first week was over.

Still, for those who want to get better, there is hope. Trials of Osiris is set to kick off once again, only this time with a new map. More importantly, players will be able to take the lessons learned from that first week and apply them to this one.

But, for those players who still feel hopeless in Trials of Osiris, we’ve enlisted back up. Game Rant has partnered with Destiny PvP All-Star TripleWRECK (real name: Ari Smith) for some helpful Trials of Osiris tips. For those who might not be familiar with TripleWRECK, he’s a regular, and popular member of the Destiny community. He was also one of the first to reach Destiny’s Lighthouse and earn those amazing rewards, as evidenced by the video above.

Destiny TripleWreck Lighthouse

However, even after TripleWRECK went 9-0 on all three characters, he wasn’t done. The PvP pro sought to help many of his Twitch subscribers (check out TripleWRECK’s Twitch channel) go 9-0 as well. In the end, TripleWRECK took close to a dozen Twitch subscribers to the Lighthouse, all without losing a match. Needless to say, when it comes to Trials of Osiris, there’s no better person to get tips from. And so, without further ado, here are TripleWRECK’s 5 Tips for Being Successful in Trials of Osiris:

1. Communicate!

Plug in your microphones, calling out enemy positions and giving your teammates information whether you're alive or downed is critical to success.


2. Gear up!

While your loadout is largely flexible, two members of your fireteam should be using the exotic armors that increase revive speed (Alpha Lupi for Titans and Hunters, Light Beyond Nemesis for Warlocks). I cannot stress how useful this, countless times in my experience clutch revives and plays were made possible solely because of these armors.


Destiny Triplewreck Trials of Osiris


3. Be aggressive!

As they say; sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Try a hard rush of the enemy's spawn, often times they will be caught off guard and give you an easy round. This is particularly a good play during the heavy ammo round when a team reaches 3 wins.

It's also important to capitalize when you have an advantage, as soon as your team gets one kill push right away to finish the last two enemies off quickly before they have a chance to revive their fallen comrade. It is also wise to send one teammate to flank for the "pinch" and ensure no opponents are able to escape the area.


4. Be smart with your supers!

Due to the format of Trails of Osiris, you will typically only get one or two supers per match. This means it's absolutely crucial that your team uses them intelligently. Bladedancers should be used offensively to flank, same with radiance Sunsingers. These two classes are particularly good during the heavy ammo round for aggressive assault on the enemy's spawn. Sunsingers can also use their Fireborn ability to self-resurrect and can flip what might seem like an obvious defeat. Defenders should use weapons of light so the whole team gets a huge damage buff. Strikers, Gunslingers, and Voidwalkers should save their supers to counter Bladedancers and Sunsingers.


5. Be unpredictable!

Always keep your opponents guessing, if your current strategy isn't working try something else. Rush full-on then play passive the next round, those mind games can give you an edge. Mix things up and give your enemies a different look as much as possible. Even if what you're doing is working you don't want to become easily read, so be dynamic!

Destiny Sword Carry - Hunter

Obviously, there are going to be some players for whom these tips only marginally increase their Crucible play. Even so, with a few wins under the belt, there are still worthwhile rewards to be earned from Trials of Osiris’ vendor Brother Vance in the Reef.

For others, though, these tips might be what pushes them over the edge and helps get them that much closer to Mercury and The Lighthouse. We’d even recommend watching some of TripleWRECK’s past broadcasts to get some sense for how he plays; perhaps it might help give you a better understanding of what works in this new multiplayer event. Also, feel free to follow him on Twitter @TripleWRECK to keep up with his regular Destiny streams, including Prison of Elders runs.

Our thanks to TripleWRECK for his time.

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