One extremely talented Destiny player that goes by the name Ramblinnn manages to solo a Trials of Osiris match, and does so without dying a single time.

One of the more popular features that was added to Destiny during its first year of DLC expansions and free content updates was the Trials of Osiris. One particular Destiny player, who goes by the name Ramblinnn, has mastered the mode, and decided to upload a video depicting his insane feat of winning a Trials of Osiris match solo.

Not only did Ramblinnn win the 1v3 match all by himself, however. He also managed to do so while not dying a single time, and by racking up a total of 26 kills with his Hunter Shadowshot subclass. In the video, Ramblinnn uses a variety of weapons at his disposal, which makes his victory all the more impressive, as it wasn’t like he simply spammed one thing repeatedly or played the game cheaply.

Ramblinnn’s incredible feat in Trials of Osiris can be viewed below:

Ramblinnn’s opponents clearly weren’t following one of TripleWRECK’s most important Trials of Osiris tips, which is to communicate. This can be seen in the video, as most of the time, Ramblinnn is engaged 1 on 1, as opposed to the enemy team swarming him all at once or working together in a tactical manner. That’s not to discredit Ramblinnn’s accomplishment here by any means; regardless of how the other team played, it’s still very impressive that he managed to win the battle unscathed and with 26 kills.

Even though Ramblinnn played so dominantly, he was not rewarded very well for his efforts. While winning this match made him one step closer to Mercury’s Lighthouse, he didn’t win any loot at all. Bungie has made multiple attempts since the game launched in 2014 to fix Destiny‘s loot system, but if this video is any indication, it looks as though some more work needs to be done. It just makes no sense that Ramblinnn played so well, and yet received basically nothing in return.

Persisting issues with Destiny‘s loot system aside, Ramblinnn’s performance is really awe-inspiring, and is not likely to be replicated all that often by fans of the game. Perhaps aspiring Destiny pros can watch Ramblinnn’s dominance in the Trials of Osiris and pick up a few tips to be a better player.

Are you impressed by Ramblinnn’s feat in the Trials of Osiris? Have you seen anyone play even more impressively in the mode, or in Destiny in general? Leave us a comment below and tell us about the most dominant Destiny player you have encountered online.

Destiny is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit