'Destiny' Update: Here's How Many People Were Perfect in Trials of Osiris

Destiny Trials of Osiris Guardian

Like it or not, Destiny's House of Wolves DLC expansion is a huge success. Last week, fans battled it out during almost 3.8 million matches of House of Wolves' player versus player multiplayer combat mode (and arguably the best part of the expansion), the Trials of Osiris. Quite frankly, that's an incredible number, especially given that Trials of Osiris didn't even begin until May 22 - three days after House of Wolves launched.

Of course, not every player who undertook the trials ended up successful. Over the past week, Guardians racked up 118,627,301 kills (or, as Destiny developer Bungie says, "Deaths, if your glass be half-empty"), and only 299,001 players walked away with a perfect scorecard (meaning all wins, and no losses).

Perfect scores don't make a player elite, however. That honor's reserved for Guardians who rack up nine wins (and no losses) in Trials of Osiris, which unlocks access to The Lighthouse, a glowing sanctuary on Mercury. Players who make it to the Lighthouse are treated to some spectacular views - and a bunch of cool new loot, as well.

Destiny Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Area

At least, that's what the recorded screenshots and YouTube videos show. As it turns out, not many players have seen The Lighthouse; according to Bungie's figures only 188,442 players made it to "the Mercurial promised land." That's a significant portion of the players who achieved perfect scores (just under two-thirds), but a very small percentage of the total number of people who actually played The Trials.

Not everything about Trials of Osiris' launch went perfectly. In spite of Bungie's new Connection Recovery system, some players still suffered network problems, which Bungie says it's looking into. Worse, a number of players achieved their perfect scores by disabling the opposing team's Internet connections, forcing victims to disconnect. Since disconnecting forfeits the match, the cheating teams gained victories without actually beating their opponents.

Bungie promises that it's dealing with the "most egregious cheaters," and warns everyone else that gaming the system could result in permanent bans.

Finally, Bungie released a couple of heat maps, highlighting the most fought-over places on the first Trials of Osiris map, as well the locations where snipers were most likely to hang out. The information's interesting, but it's probably not going to do players much good. Trials of Osiris maps change on a weekly basis, and senior designer Derek Carroll refuses to give any information on the Trials' next map until it's live.

Source: Bungie

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