Destiny: Bungie Leaves Mysterious Tease for Trials of Osiris Event

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In between walking Destiny fans through a series of Trials of Osiris matches and covering the wide variety of changes include with the multiplayer mode, Bungie couldn’t have possibly covered everything. After all, Trials of Osiris is one of the major events set to launch alongside the House of Wolves DLC expansion for Destiny, and therefore Bungie wants to keep some elements a mystery.

One thing that the developer specifically didn’t address during their Trials of Osiris livestream is what items unlock when players reach 9 kills on their scorecard. It must be something good apparently, or else Bungie wouldn’t have called specific attention to that number.

Taking things back a bit; Trials of Osiris is a multiplayer event whereby teams of 3 Guardians battle an opposing team in a first-to-5 set-up. There are no respawns, only revives, and teamwork is essential.

Once players get to 5 points they will earn a win on their Passage, which is just a fancy Destiny term for scorecard. And the more wins a player has, the better gear the Trials of Osiris vendor, Brother Vance, will have in his inventory. However, if a player accumulates three losses, then the Passage is gone.

During the livestream, Bungie showed fans a few of the items Brother Vance might have for sale. There were a few intriguing pieces, including an armor piece and a weapon, both of which required several wins before they unlocked. However, we didn’t see if Brother Vance had any gear available at more wins, like, say, nine of them.

The tease by Bungie was enough to have the Destiny community running rampant with speculation and theories. Some believe that nine wins will unlock the Fate of All Fools bounty, but Bungie obviously hasn’t confirmed anything.

Fate of All Fools, for those who might be familiar, is an exotic scout rifle that is directly tied to the Trials of Osiris event. However, it’s unclear how exactly one accesses the gun, with most figuring that it’s through a bounty of some sort. There is actually one player who has the Fate of All Fools scout rifle, but he was gifted it by Bungie and did not unlock the gun the old fashioned way.

While Bungie’s tour of the new Destiny social space, The Reef, drew plenty of speculation regarding closed doors and mysterious Xur spots, this nine wins thing is the new “it” conspiracy theory. Chances are Bungie won’t tell us what 9 wins in Trials of Osiris unlocks either, so Destiny players are going to have to wait until Friday, May 22nd.

What do you think happens when players earn nine wins in the Trials of Osiris? Is it a way to get the Fate of All Fools?

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie