Destiny: Trials of Osiris' Best Players Will Unlock Secret Area & Treasure Chest

Destiny Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Area

Earlier today, Destiny players around the world saw the final piece of the House of Wolves expansion content fall into place. Dubbed the Trials of Osiris, this Crucible multiplayer event will pit the strongest of competitive players against each other in a quest for top tier loot. However, achieving said loot is easier said than done.

What makes Trials of Osiris unique is that players are working through the multiplayer event on a scorecard called a Trials Passage. This Passage keeps track of a player’s wins and losses, unlocking better rewards in The Reef the more wins a player has. However, if the Passage counts three losses, it halts progress and the player will need to purchase a new one and start over.

While we’ve already detailed what players can earn at certain win levels – 5 wins unlocks the ability to buy a Trials of Osiris armor piece, for example – Bungie previously teased a greater reward at nine wins. They wouldn’t say what exactly it was, but the fact the Destiny developer even acknowledged nine wins in Trials of Osiris suggested it was something good.

Now that the Trials of Osiris event has begun, we finally know what nine wins in Trials of Osiris does, and it’s quite unique. Any who are skilled enough to accumulate nine wins on a single Passage, and do so without ever losing a match, will unlock a completely new area on the Destiny world map.


As can be seen in the video above, this new area is called ‘The Lighthouse’ and is located on the planet Mercury. Outside of multiplayer maps, this is the first time players have been able to visit Mercury, so that in itself is a genuine treat. Not to mention the visual of a burning sun scorching the horizon is something fairly unique to the Destiny design.

Upon landing at The Lighthouse players will follow a short path through the area, before reaching a massive treasure chest, similar to the one found in Prison of Elders’ treasure room. And like with that chest, The Lighthouse’s treasure chest is packed full of exciting loot.

Since the video includes no narration, it’s hard to get full details about The Lighthouse itself. It appears there is a blocked off glimmer room there, as well as some spots for lounging. It’s also unclear if players need anything special to unlock the chest, like Prison of Elders requires a treasure key, or simply the nine wins on a single Passage.

Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Treasure Chest

That being said, racking up nine consecutive wins without losing is bound to be a tough challenge for the average Destiny player. Because Trials of Osiris does not normalize player gear and weapons, the higher level combatants and teams are likely to find more success. Granted, Bungie says they will be smart about their matchmaking, but that’s always a tough thing to get right.

Either way, The Lighthouse is sure to draw plenty of attention for the next few weeks, as players try their hardest to reach Mercury’s sun-soaked surface. At least now we know what that mystery location in the Destiny promo materials is.

Have you unlocked The Lighthouse by playing Trials of Osiris?

Destiny’s Trials of Osiris event runs every week from Friday 10am PT to Tuesday 2am PT.

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