Destiny: Trials of Osiris Map Selection is Very Limited

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As if it needed to be said, the team over at Bungie are intent on providing Destiny fans with enough patches and content to keep them busy until Destiny‘s The Taken King expansion releases this September. For instance, a couple of weeks back, the developers gave out unique emblems to players dedicated enough to complete 10 new and difficult challenges for Bungie Day – one of them being the goal of having won at least 100 Crucible matches. Plus, not to leave some fans out, the most recent update has provided weapon balance to help more inexperienced gamers from being completely annihilated by veterans of the first-person shooter.

While such inclusions seem to keep both the casual and hardcore fans in mind, Bungie is conscious of Destiny‘s core gamer base. Therefore, the development team is insistent on making the action-RPG as exclusive and challenging as possible, especially when it comes to the House of Wolves expansion’s 3v3 elimination event known as Trials of Osiris. However, Crucible designer Derek Carroll makes it clear in a recent interview with Playboy that we’ve experienced all of the maps for Trials of Osiris, and that there will be no more between now and the release of The Taken King, making for a very slim selection.

Regarding the matter, Carroll claims that he actually decides which Trials map goes up each week instead of what many believed to be a random number generator’s selection. Carroll says:

“I pick them. I’m always interested in seeing what the response is [laughing]. But yes, we have seen all the Trials maps for ‘House of Wolves‘ now. There are other ones that are in the elimination playlist that won’t be in Trials. And part of that is we basically just wanted the best of the best and we hand-picked the — I think it’s six maps that are what I consider to be the best and, based on our research, are the best maps for trials.”

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In addition to Carroll’s statements on Trials of Osiris’ rather limited array of maps, the designer goes on to say that while he personally considered the inclusion of Burning Shrine to be “the absolute best”, Bungie purposefully avoided using maps like Rusted Lands due to players constantly encountering it in a bunch of other modes. As to whether or not the Crucible map in the Earth’s Eastern Flood Zone would make an appearance again in the future, Carroll says, “Rusted Lands will show up later someday in Trials perhaps, but not for this initial — we wanted to just have kind of a focused offering for ‘House of Wolves.'”

Although some Destiny players might be a little annoyed by the sparse variety of maps for Trials of Osiris, it’s important to note that Bungie’s developers are more than likely busy focusing most, if not all of their efforts on ensuring The Taken King releases without a hitch. With that in mind, fans also ought to be excited to know that the designers of the popular FPS role-playing game are making more of an effort to stay tuned into the community rather than produce stale and recursive content.

Destiny is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, while the game’s highly anticipated The Taken King expansion is set to release on September 15, 2015 for all aforementioned consoles.

Source: Playboy (via Reddit)