Destiny Guide: How to Prepare for Trials of Osiris

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With exactly a week until Destiny releases its second major DLC expansion, House of Wolves, players are likely counting down the hours with bated breath. It’s been quite a while since Destiny offered up any new content – the last major release was Crota’s End hard mode in January – but House of Wolves will put an end to that with new story missions, a new battle arena called Prison of Elders, and new gear.

House of Wolves will also introduce a new Crucible multiplayer event called Trials of Osiris. The event will run every Friday through Tuesday for Destiny players and is said to test their mettle in ways no other competitive Destiny experience can.

Having seen Trials of Osiris, we can only assume that players will need to do some preparing if they want to succeed. To that end, we’ve put together some handy tips for preparing for Trials of Osiris.

How Does Trials of Osiris Work?

Before getting into tips and tricks for how to prepare for Trials of Osiris, it’s best to lay the groundwork for Destiny’s new multiplayer event. Trials of Osiris features 3v3 team-based combat in a new mode called Elimination. What’s unique about Elimination is that it is round-based, with the first team to win 5 rounds taking the victory. Winning a round is easier said than done, though – requiring that the 3-player team take out the opposing trio without being dispatched themselves. Oh, and there are no respawns; players can only revive each other.

'Destiny': Trials of Osiris Full Reveal Scheduled for Tomorrow - Osiris armor

Packaged on top of the Elimination Mode is Trials of Osiris’ ‘Passage’ feature. Essentially, before entering the Trials of Osiris event, players must buy a Passage. This passage is like a scorecard, and it keeps track of a players’ success (or lack thereof) while in the Trials of Osiris. For every Trials win, players earn a mark on their Passage that, in turn, unlocks new items in Brother Vance’s selection. The more wins a player has, the better gear Brother Vance has for sale in The Reef. However, accumulating three losses in the Trials of Osiris voids that particular Passage and players have to start again. So, there’s a risk reward in terms of how far players want to go in Trials of Osiris in the hopes of earning better gear.


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