Despite Bungie banning players for using DDoS attacks to win Trials of Osiris, some Destiny players continue to promote the tactic to players looking for help in Trials.

For the most part, Destiny is a very inclusive game. Gamers of all experience levels, ages, and interests can find something to do in Destiny, and progress their character to a respectable level. That said, Bungie has implemented opportunities within Destiny for those gamers who are more skilled than others to receive special rewards.

One of the most popular elite-level activities in Destiny is the Lighthouse, a special in-game location only accessible to Guardians who, with their team, accumulate nine wins and zero losses in the competitive arena Trials of Osiris. Naturally, gaining nine straight wins is tough, which is why some expert players have started selling their services as Sherpas, who will carry lower-skilled players to flawless wins, at a price.

While some gamers are already frustrated with the Trials of Osiris and Sherpa services, a new tactic has arisen that’s causing even more frustration, along with some heated discussions online. Some Sherpas have discovered that once they get into a Trials of Osiris match, they can DDoS attack the enemy, allowing them to end the game quickly and claim a win. Doing this gets paying customers through to the Lighthouse quicker, but at the cost of other players’ experience.


One Destiny player shared the DDoS discovery on Reddit, showing some screenshots with players offering the service. The sellers claimed they could whittle games down to an impressive 30 seconds. While that may be good business for these Sherpas, who are able to cash in on fast games, and for players just looking for a quick ticket to the Lighthouse, it’s obviously a detriment to players looking to play Trials legitimately.

Whatever Destiny players may think of Sherpas themselves, this action of DDoSing the enemy to gain a win is undoubtedly wrong, and hopefully something the folks at Bungie will stop soon. Until now, players who were frustrated or beaten by Sherpa teams could improve, find better teammates, or pay for a Sherpa themselves, but at least they could go down knowing they lost to better players. With the DDoS attacks, skill goes out the window. Poor players can easily set up Sherpa activities, and simply DDoS the enemy, giving themselves a win. That’s a low barrier to entry, and one that may cause much more DDoS activity to happen.


Fortunately, Bungie is working to put a quick stop to these actions and bring order back to Trials of Osiris. Hopefully, necessary bans will continue to happen and help curb this activity from moving forward.

What do you think about players using DDoS attacks to win Trials of Osiris?

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit