Bungie Bans 'Destiny' Trials of Osiris Cheaters

Destiny Trials of Osiris Guardian

Players are always looking for a way to get a leg up in games. In Destiny, that edge often comes in the form of loot caves that provide tons of gear without much work, and as questionable methods of taking down various bosses. As such, it's no surprise that players quickly found ways to exploit the game's new Trials of Osiris PvP game mode.

Destiny players discovered that they could back out of a Trials of Osiris match early if they felt outmatched while still maintaining their winning streak, preserving their chance to claim the epic loot that's available to players who rack up nine wins without losing.

Naturally, Bungie doesn't want players exploiting the game, so in the most recent Destiny update, the developer announced that players who leave matches early may face restrictions. Bungie meant it, too, and the developer has started banning players who back out of Trials of Osiris matches prematurely, keeping them from playing any Crucible games for a while.

Player who use exploits to back out of Destiny’s Trial of Osiris may receive this message:

Restricted! This account is temporarily restricted from the Crucible. Visit to learn how to be a Guardian in good standing.

Trials of Osiris Ban

Visiting that web address provides some additional details about the bans, and explains how players can dispute the restriction to get themselves back in good standing. Bungie doesn’t give any kind of timeline for how long players will be banned, although the developer seems to want players to correct their actions as quickly as possible. Here’s what Bungie has to say about getting back in good standing:

It’s pretty simple, really. Nobody, especially not Bungie, wants players to miss out on Destiny. Please don’t ruin the experience for anyone, including yourself. And remember, we’re always keeping an eye out for those who would spoil the world of Destiny.

The bans page mentions that some players may lose access to certain items in the game, and according to at least one Redditor, players won’t be able to use any items they acquired in Trials of Osiris.

Hopefully, these bans will help bring balance back to Destiny’s Trials of Osiris and give more players a chance at winning.

What do you think about Destiny’s Trials of Osiris bans? Is this the right move for Bungie? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit, Bungie

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