Destiny: Bungie May Ban Trials of Osiris Cheaters & Quitters

For close to a year now, Bungie has tried to keep the experience of Destiny fresh with new content like raids, story missions, and PvP maps. However, much of what Bungie has added has either been similar to past content, or not as well received.

Trials of Osiris, however, has been a shining gem among a large majority of the Destiny community. The PvP multiplayer experience has added a sense of tension and new strategies to the Crucible, to the point it feels like the mode has new life. Trials is arguably, for all intents and purposes, the shot in the arm that multiplayer fans were looking for.

That being said, Trials of Osiris has not been without fault over the course of its two-week run. Many players have noted key problems with the experience, both in terms of the gameplay and occasionally with the servers. But the biggest issue of all has been with Destiny players trying to “fix” the system in an effort to win every match.

Now, although Trials of Osiris was constructed in such a way that if a player quits they will earn a loss on their Trials Passage, Bungie did not include a contingency for full log-outs. So, if a player logs out of Destiny or changes their character before a match starts they will not tally a loss on their Passage.

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While plenty would never even know that such a trick works, some Destiny players are using it to avoid matches with skilled Trials of Osiris players. Since it’s possible to inspect the opposing team before loading into the match, many players will use this time to decide whether it’s worth proceeding. If not, then they disconnect and avoid a potential loss – emphasis on potential.

And by and large this strategy has gone without punishment. We’ve experienced several disconnected opponents during our time in Trials of Osiris, and while it’s nice to get the free win, it’s hard not to wonder why there isn’t a punishment for such a “strategy.” Thankfully there soon will be.

In their latest weekly update, Bungie reveals that a plan is being put in place to punish Trials of Osiris players who try to trick the system in any way. Bungie wouldn’t say how exactly they will punish these players, but the Destiny developer seems unafraid of using the banhammer if need be.

We’ve seen you backing out of matches on final approach in your ships because you saw formidable opponents on the other team. That tactic could earn you a restriction from future Trials of Osiris events. Please stick it out and fight – even if you know you’re about to be visited by tourists from the Lighthouse.

So, while disconnecting may help players get to Mercury’s Lighthouse and unlock that unique loot now, it has the potential of cutting them off in the future. Perhaps it might be better to brush up on Trials of Osiris strategies like those offered by PvP pro TripleWRECK.

Have you used any nefarious means to avoid a Trials of Osiris loss? Have you faced any teams that disconnected?

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