Destiny developer Bungie announces that Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner will be put on indefinite hold while the studio works to fix the heavy ammo glitch exploit.

As expected, Destiny developer Bungie has put a hold on its major PvP events until it can fix the recently discovered heavy ammo glitch. That means both the Trials of Osiris weekend that was set to begin on Friday and the Iron Banner event that was rumored for the next week or so will be on hold until further notice.

News of the “cancellations” comes by way of the ‘This Week at Bungie’ post, in which Community Manager DeeJ outlined the developer’s response. We knew that Bungie was going to do something about the glitch, and some speculated a Trials of Osiris cancellation was the likeliest scenario, and today it was made official.

Much like with the infinite Shadowshot glitch, an exploit like this has completely changed the complexion of Destiny’s PvP experiences. No matter where players go in the Crucible, the heavy ammo glitch is consistently a potential problem. Thankfully, Bungie realized that and is vowing to make it right.

It’s unclear from Bungie’s blog post how long it will take to fix the Destiny heavy ammo glitch, but it sounds like the developer has programmers on the case. Given how quickly they can fix some problems, or conversely how long they let some glitches slide by, there’s no way to predict an accurate timeline. Just look at how long it took for Bungie to make changes to melee registration.

Here’s Bungie Community Manager DeeJ on a potential timeline:

None of the solutions to fix the Heavy Ammo economy are immediate. Changing the game in any way takes time, and testing, and great care.
— DeeJ (@DeeJ_BNG) May 19, 2016

Hopefully, though, this glitch isn’t intrinsically tied to a Destiny mechanic, like the Warlock’s Firebolt grenades. In the case of Firebolts, Bungie has said that it will not be able to make a change without redesigning the entire mechanic, and that’s presumably not happening until Destiny 2.

While a definite fix is the best-case scenario, we could also see Bungie removing the Clown Cartridge perk from Rocket Launchers. Yes, it’s not the most ideal situation, as the perk is specific to Rocket Launchers, but it’s better than having players running around with unlimited rockets.

For as much as gamers like to malign news outlets, streamers, and content creators for shining a light on these exploits, it’s responses like Bungie’s that give perspective. Yes, more people might exploit it but more people will also be aware, and awareness helps encourage faster action on the part of the developer.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more info on when Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner might return, as well as when this heavy ammo exploit has been fixed.

Have you noticed any PvP players in Destiny exploiting the heavy ammo glitch in the Crucible? Are you happy to hear that Bungie is delaying Trials and Iron Banner?

Source: Bungie