Bungie makes a nod to Earth Day this weekend by setting Destiny‘s weekly PvP event Trials of Osiris on a random rotation of Crucible maps set on Earth.

When 10 a.m. Pacific rolls around every Friday, Trials of Osiris begins another weekend and Destiny fans log in to find out the selected map (or maps) that they’ll be competing on in Destiny‘s most competitive PvP playlist. Unlike many of the elements that are RNG-based, Bungie handpicks the maps each week for Trials of Osiris’ 3v3 Elimination game mode.

This weekend, in recognition of Earth Day (April 22nd), Bungie has put together a random rotation of maps. Randomly rotating maps is something the developer has done before, but this time all the maps take place on Destiny‘s version of Earth.

Bungie’s Derek Carroll made the announcement on Twitter: Trials of Osiris celebrates Earth Day all weekend with a selection of Earth-based maps.” 

The list of Destiny‘s Crucible maps set on Earth are:

  • Twilight Gap
  • Rusted Lands
  • Exodus Blue
  • Widow’s Court
  • Bannerfall
  • Frontier
  • Memento

All these maps have seen action as Trials of Osiris maps before. There are two other maps set on earth that fans should not expect to see in the rotation, Skyshock and Sector 618. Skyshock is one of the very few extremely large, vehicle-based maps in Destiny and is much too large for a small 3v3 Trials of Osiris match. The other map, Sector 618, would be suitable for Trials, however it is a PlayStation-exclusive map that debuted with The Taken King expansion.

Destiny Crucible Hunter

Based on the fact that the weekly exotic vendor Xur has never carried PlayStation-exclusive weapons, it appears certain elements are Destiny-specific not console-specific. So don’t expect Sector 618 to show up, even if you are playing on PlayStation.

This special Trials of Osiris map rotation is a fun nod to a real-life holiday, and is just another way Bungie has injected a little bit of MMO flavor into their shared-world shooter. Although not as big as the Halloween-inspired Festival of the Lost or the Valentine’s Day themed Crimson Days, most would agree this is a fun little surprise.

Trials of Osiris should get a lot of action as well this weekend, as the rewards for making it to the Lighthouse have been bumped up to the new 335 Light level cap. Fans noticed last week – the first Trials of Osiris event since the launch fo the April Update – that matches were especially “sweaty” (a term used for ultra-competitive games). For those in need of some pointers for their journey to the exclusive Lighthouse, check out these tips.

Will you be playing Trials of Osiris in Destiny this weekend? What maps in the rotation do you love? Which do you hate? Sound off in the comments!