Destiny: Treasure Keys Won’t Always Drop During Prison of Elders

By | 1 year ago 

It’s a big week for Destiny players, as Bungie finally unleashed the second major expansion for their MMO-FPS hybrid. Dubbed the House of Wolves, this latest DLC add-on features the usual bevy of content, both cooperative and competitive.

Chief among the new Destiny cooperative experiences is the Prison of Elders, a combat arena style horde mode that pits teams of three against waves of enemies. In essence, Prison of Elders is Destiny’s answer to Bungie fans’ requests for a Firefight equivalent in the game.

And while plenty of players are digging through Prison of Elders four difficulty levels and reaping its new rewards, they may have found something odd about the experience. Specifically, a previously assumed notion about the game’s Treasure Keys has turned out to be incorrect.

It’s unclear where exactly the confusion arose, but most players were under the assumption that upon completing the Prison of Elders they would be rewarded with a Treasure Key. This Treasure Key would then be used to unlock a large chest in the mode’s Treasure Room – a gilded vault befit of Scrooge McDuck.

Unfortunately, it appears that is not actually the case. The Treasure Key can drop after beating the Prison of Elders, but it doesn’t always drop. This was confirmed on Bungie’s official forums with a message that read:

Destiny Treasure Keys Not Guaranteed

So, many players found themselves left keyless after braving Prison of Elders on the higher difficulties and unable to reap their most valuable rewards. Sure, they can still open the two smaller chests in the Treasure Room, but the real worthwhile loot is in that big cache.

The good news is that there is a way to earn more Treasure Keys outside of Destiny’s Prison of Elders mode, but it requires a lot of the same type of monotonous farming that detractors often cite as a major problem with the game. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that a Treasure Key will drop on the first, fifth, or even the hundredth time players open the Ether Chest – it’s all dependent on Destiny’s random number generator.

So for those players who are thinking about entering Prison of Elders on one of the three higher difficulties (level 32, 34, or 35), we’d recommend bringing along an extra Treasure Key just in case. There would be nothing worse than surviving Destiny’s “most challenging experience” only to be blocked off from the hard-earned rewards.

Have you completed Prison of Elders on a higher difficulty and not earned a Treasure Key? How do you feel about Bungie making the Destiny keys a random drop?

Destiny’s House of Wolves is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.