Destiny: The Taken King Trailer Teases Court of Oryx Reveal

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With only two weeks left until Bungie releases Destiny’s third – and biggest – expansion, The Taken King, the developer is actively building hype among gamers. Over the last few days and weeks, Bungie has revealed new weapons and armor, and new features coming to the game, such as the exotic weapon blueprints.

However, there’s one aspect of The Taken King that Bungie has been fairly quiet on: a new public event feature called the Court of Oryx. The secrecy around Destiny’s new mode is most definitely a marketing tactic, as Bungie looks to draw gamers into the intrigue and mystery of Oryx and the full Taken King expansion.

Fortunately, Destiny players will have an opportunity to see Court of Oryx in action tomorrow during a Bungie livestream event. In preparation for that reveal, Bungie has released the above trailer, teasing the fast-paced and challenging action that awaits Guardians inside the Dreadnaught.

Although the teaser trailer is short, there’s a couple bits of information we can glean from the footage. First off, the Court of Oryx appears to be a six-person fireteam event, much like Destiny‘s raids. That means players will either have to find friends and strangers to play with, or hope Bungie implements some form of matchmaking. Of course, as with other Destiny endgame events, it likely won’t be long before players are attempting Court of Oryx with smaller fireteams, or even solo.

Destiny The Taken King Important Changes

It’s also clear that the enemies in Court of Oryx will be somewhat unique when compared to those found throughout the rest of Destiny. Some will have special abilities that make them difficult to eliminate, or may have certain vulnerabilities that must be exploited for Guardians to succeed in the Court.

In a recent interview with Edge, senior design lead Sage Merrill revealed that players will need to work together in unconventional ways to defeat the enemies in Court of Oryx. For instance, players may face an Ogre who cannot be injured by bullet damage, but is susceptible to splash damage from exploding Cursed Thralls.

Additionally, there’s another tidbit about the Court of Oryx that Destiny players should know as they watch the livestream tomorrow. In order for Guardians to participate in the Court of Oryx, they’ll need a special rune to gain access. These runes can be purchased from merchants, or looted around the game world.

In his interview, Merrill explained that not all runes will be created equal. Rather, there will be four tiers of runes that correspond to different Court of Oryx difficulty levels, and in turn, loot. Fortunately, only one Guardian needs to use a rune for the whole fireteam to enter the Court, but they will be guaranteed better loot as a result.

It will be interesting to see what additional details are revealed during tomorrow’s Court of Oryx livestream.

Destiny – The Taken King launches on September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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