Is ‘Destiny’s Tower Located in Nepal?

By | 1 year ago 

A few months ago, we shared some evidence that supported the claim that Destiny‘s famous Tower is located in Chile. The gamer who provided the information used the geographical landscape and the angle of shadows to determine the Tower’s location.

Now, another gamer, who goes by Fuzzoff on Reddit, has made a new claim for where Destiny‘s Tower is located. According to Fuzzoff, the Tower is actually located in Pokhara Napal, halfway around the world from Chile.

While Fuzzoff doesn’t use the same scientific reasoning that the first gamer used, the evidence is still fairly convincing. The main telling feature, according to Fuzzoff, is that the mountains in the background of the below picture of Pokhara, Napal are a perfect match to the mountains that can be seen out the window by the Vanguards in the Destiny Tower. Those mountains are even more noticeable over by Saladin.

Pokhara Nepal

After comparing the picture to the mountains in Destiny, it’s hard to argue with the logic of this claim. And for those who may argue the point about the sun’s location, it’s quite possible Bungie just inserted the sun into the game, without any major consideration as to the placement of shadows. It is, afterall, a game, and the developer likely had more pressing features to consider than whether or not the sun was in the perfect place in the sky to match the game’s location.

That being said, it’s not clear if the team at Bungie ever planned for the Tower to be at a particular location, or if they just set it on the world and created a hodgepodge landscape to give it a little depth. However, for the sake of speculation, we’ll say they did pick a singular, existing spot for the Tower.

Fuzzoff continues the claim by pointing out that, as players are loading into the Tower, their ship hovers over north India, which makes sense for the Nepal claim. Once again, this could be random placement by the team at Bungie, but it’s hard to believe it wasn’t intentional, considering it aligns so well with the landscape around the Tower.

Destiny Tower View

If the Tower is indeed located at Pokhara, the city’s history as a place of refuge would fit well with Destiny‘s backstory. In the game, the world has been ravaged by war, and the Earth’s Guardians gather in the Tower to prepare to end the enemy advances. Pokhara, Nepal seems as good a place as any as a gathering place for the Guardians.

What do you think about this new evidence? Do you think Destiny’s Tower is located in Nepal, or do you have a different theory? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit