Destiny Nerfs Three of Coins, Ends Exotic Engram Farming

By | 1 year ago 

Since launching on Tuesday of last week, Destiny: The Taken King has been dominating the gaming world in nearly every way possible. Gamers around the globe are devouring the new content, while news outlets like Game Rant are trying to keep up with every new piece of info and uncovered secret.

However, in the time since Destiny: The Taken King debuted Bungie has also been keeping an eye on the game, making sure everything is running as intended. They want to ensure that all of the new features, consumables, gear, etc. that they introduced are not breaking the game, or being exploited.

One Destiny feature that has seemingly worked a little better than intended is the Three of Coins, a consumable that increases the drop rate of an exotic engram upon consecutive Ultra boss kills. Originally, Bungie had planned for players to pop a Three of Coins, or a few Three of Coins, go through a Strike to kill a boss, and hopefully claim an engram after a few tries. However, many clever Destiny players discovered a way to exploit the system simply by killing a specific boss, quickly and with little trouble. Many players were farming exotics for several days, hoping to claim some of Destiny most prized loot.

Unfortunately, the party is over, as Bungie has nerfed the effectiveness of the Three of Coins in Destiny. As part of their Weekly Bungie Update, the developer reveals that the Three of Coins will have a few changes to its drop rate, ensuring that players can’t farm Ultra bosses in story missions as effectively. Read the full patch notes below:

  • In accordance with forum prophecy, The Three of Coins that Xûr sells are slightly modified:
  • Each of them provides a smaller increase to Exotic Engram drop chance when used in rapid succession
  • When used with more time between kills (for example, on Strike bosses), they remain as effective as before

Destiny Exotic Engram

While we’re sure Destiny players were happy to have a nice stable of exotics added to their inventory so soon, we’re also glad Bungie was quick with a fix. Having so many players running around with every exotic weapon so early in the game ruins the fun in a way, and diminishes the longevity of Destiny as a whole. That’s the type of behavior that may have been expected in Year 1, when drop rates were so low and chances of securing top tier loot were harsh, but Year 2 has been a lot more agreeable.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt players will still try to farm exotic engrams as best they can. Xur is set to hit the Tower (or the Reef) later tonight/early tomorrow and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Agent of the Nine had a few worthwhile items in his inventory this time around. As Bungie said, Xur was very pleased to see players spending their coins so soon.

Did you farm exotic engrams using the Three of Coins? How many exotics did you get?

Source: Bungie