One of the greatest searches in Destiny is the one for the game’s many exotic weapons and armor. These are the highest tier of gear, as each exotic grants a unique and powerful perk, and are typically hard to find. For Destiny: The Taken King expansion, however, Bungie tried to increase those drop rates by introducing an item called the Three of Coins, which increases the exotic engram drop rate when defeating ultra (boss-level) enemies.

In the October issue of EDGE magazine, Creative Director Luke Smith said that players still aren’t using Three of Coins correctly, suggesting that there is a proper way to use the consumable. This comment sent the Destiny community on a search for that correct method, and some on Reddit believe they have found it.

Although further testing by many players has led to mixed results, the original poster and many others are reporting success with this new method of using Three of Coins. It involves activating Three of Coins at a precise time within the Strike playlists. Here are the steps:

  1. Do not have the Three of Coins buff active
  2. Go into the Heroic or Vanguard Strike playlist
  3. Complete two Strikes without using Three of Coins
  4. Upon loading into the third Strike, activate Three of Coins
  5. Kill an ultra for a chance at an exotic
  6. Exit back to orbit and repeat

There’s an exception to the method: if the third strike (which is selected at random) is the Dust Palace, Three of Coins should not be used. That’s because the Psion Flayers at the end of the strike do not count as Ultras and will not drop an exotic. If players end up with Dust Palace as their third strike, the Reddit thread advises to complete the strike, stay in the playlist, and then pop Three of Coins on the next/fourth strike.

Destiny Nerf Three of Coins

The poster on Reddit claims to have a 90% exotic engram drop rate when using the method, but others haven’t been so lucky. Many commenters say that this method did not work for them at all, while others report a 50% drop under this method or even as low as 10%. Other theories have entered into the thread including the supposed requirement of completing the strikes with a full fireteam. Also, some have refuted the sixth step of returning to orbit, saying that a player can stay in the playlist and only use a Three of Coins every third strike.

This is far from a perfect or scientifically-proven method, but it is working for some. No doubt, players would love to find the teased “correct” way of using the consumable, especially since the Three of Coins were nerfed to prevent excessive grinding of story mission bosses.

Have you tried this method of using Three of Coins in Destiny? With what results?

Source: Destiny Reddit