New Destiny Weapon Ornaments for Thorn, Red Death, & Bad Juju


Destiny players find new ornaments that were added to the game via its most recent update, allowing Guardians to customize some of the most iconic guns in the game.

This week, Bungie updated Destiny to version 2.4.1, and among a laundry list of changes, the studio added some brand new content. Several new Ornaments have been spotted by eagle-eyed players, offering up some new ways to personalize a few of the game's most recognizable weapons.

The biggest selling point of the Rise of Iron expansion was undoubtedly the prospect of new missions and new gear, but it's a testament to Bungie's commitment to Destiny that the DLC featured plenty more content. One smaller addition was the introduction of Ornaments, souped-up skins used to customize gear.

The first wave of Ornaments allowed players to apply new designs to weapons including the Monte Carlo auto rifle, the Hawkmoon hand cannon, and the Invective shotgun. Now, there's evidence that several more guns have been bestowed with Ornaments in the game's most recent patch.

Reddit user anthrax455 reported shortly after the patch went live that two new Ornaments were now available for the Bad Juju pulse rifle. The first switches out its default color scheme for a white base with blood-red highlights, while the second turns the gun green, and swaps out the skull over the barrel for a larger dragon skull with its spine attached.

Credit: /u/ms_claymore

Meanwhile, the Thorn hand cannon gets a distressed, rusted variant, as well as an Ornament that supercharges the green glow inside and adds some runic symbols to the grip.

The Red Death pulse rifle receives a slick white color scheme with blood spatter after one of its Ornaments is applied to the gun. The other adds a great deal more spikes to the weapon, which are colored silver and gold rather than the gray of the standard skin.


Reddit user Ralliant suggests that Destiny players can get a sneak peak of these new skins by inspecting another Guardian's weapon, then having them swap back and forth with another weapon quickly. This should make the ornaments briefly visible, allowing you to preview them — although Ralliant notes that this trick has only worked with the Thorn and the Red Death.

These aren't the only weapons that are thought to have received new Ornaments in the latest update. The Last Word and the sought-after Black Spindle are also expected to receive new skins, although these variants haven't been spotted out in the wild just yet.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Reddit

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