Destiny Pistol Replica Really Fires Airsoft Pellets

Destiny Air Soft Replica

Although the gaming community has been complaining since Destiny's launch that there isn't enough content in the game, it can't be denied that the sci-fi MMO is full of awesome weapons. What it lacks in raids and strikes, the game makes up for with a plethora of awesome gear to hunt down. It's a ton of fun to show off the unique weapons while running around in-game, but when fans recreate Destiny weapons in the real world it is always even more impressive.

Most fan-made creations of Destiny armor and weapons comes in the form of non-functioning (but awesome) cosplay gear. For the safety of con attendees, obviously nobody wants fans running around with weapons that actually fire a projectile. If the replica is at the safety of a shooting range or an airsoft arena though... Well, that's a different story.

Destiny fan Kirby Downey brought the fan-favorite Thorn hand cannon to life as a functioning airsoft pistol. The heavy, full-sized pistol takes cosplay to the next level by building the replica around a compartment that contains an existing airsoft gun. Downey explained this process on 3D printing community site MyMiniFactory...

Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon

"This is a Converted airsoft version of my thorn which I designed. It is made to be a simple shroud which encases an electric CYMA Glock 18C AEP airsoft pistol... This model has bee scaled to be scale one to one with the thorn model from Bungie. This means its a beast sitting at just over half a meter long!"

The gun is reinforced with metal to protect it from drops (which often occur in a live airsoft environment), but that means that the user needs to dismantle the shell to access the airsoft pistol inside. It's an inconvenient design for competitive play, but obviously this model is way more about style than functionality.

We'd love to see more models like this and the ones we've seen in the past and maybe even some official Destiny weapon merch. Airsoft might be too hardcore for the average fan, but we'd settle for some high-quality Nerf guns that look like the 3D printed replicas fans have been making.

Until we can all get our hands on real-life Destiny replicas, gamers will have to settle for exotic in-game gear. Lots more of that will be arriving on September 15 with the next expansion. The Taken King is set to offer lots of new gear for end-game players and hopefully it will inspire even more fan-made creations for the rest of us to drool over.

What do you think of the Thorn airsoft replica? Do you have a favorite Destiny weapon that you'd like to see brought to life? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King releases September 15, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: MyMiniFactory

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