‘Destiny: The Taken King’ New Weapons and Armor Revealed

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Fans of Bungie’s extremely popular online shooter/RPG hybrid Destiny were ecstatic during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference, as the second year of Destiny content was properly unveiled. This was accomplished through the release of the first trailer for The Taken King, Destiny’s third major expansion.

Activision and Bungie have since released 20 new images showcasing just a taste of the new weapons and armor that players can look forward to collecting once The Taken King drops. Compared to the majority of armor and weapons already available in Destiny, these items tend to be a bit more creative and colorful. The new dark blue and neon green Hunter chest piece stands out especially.

Similarly, the new weapons are very visually appealing, with a sleek looking rocket launcher and a new silenced pistol. Check out 20 of the new weapons and armor coming to Destiny as a part of the new expansion, The Taken King, in the 20 images below:

As can be seen from the images, this new gear will be earned or purchased from Iron Banner events, Suros, and the three faction groups that populate the game. It’s worth noting that at least some Destiny gear will be exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game as usual, but the PlayStation exclusive gear has not been specifically named at this time.

Once The Taken King nears release, it’s possible that some of this gear may drop a little earlier than the planned September 15th release date. After all, House of Wolves weapons dropped in The Crucible before the official release of that expansion. In any case, expect to see more of the new gear coming to Destiny as a part of The Taken King expansion in the coming months.

Along with the new weapons and armor, The Taken King will be offering other fresh content to the Destiny masses as well, including new subclass abilities and perks, and brand new story missions. New Strikes, multiplayer maps, and possibly even a new Raid are all expected for the expansion, which is primed to be the largest and most significant addition to Destiny since the game launched last year.

Fans will have the opportunity to pick up The Taken King on September 15th, and they’ll even have the choice to get a physical copy of a Destiny expansion this time around. This physical release will include a Collector’s Edition for The Taken King that also comes with the base game of Destiny along with the two previously released expansions, The Dark Below, and House of Wolves. On top of the game and the expansions, this Collector’s Edition boasts a number of other goodies, including a Strange Coin replica.

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The Taken King expansion for Destiny will arrive on September 15th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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