Destiny The Taken King reveals that December emotes coming to the Eververse Trading Company include jazz hands, air guitar, jump on it, and many more for players to buy.

After subtly hinting at new inventory coming to the Eververse Trading Company last week, 14 brand new emotes have been revealed thanks to YouTuber Mesa Sean. Destiny: The Taken King was featured heavily at this past weekend during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event after exclusive PlayStation content was announced, so many fans got their first experience with these emotes there.

The 14 new emotes include: Victory Wave, Air Guitar, Jump On It, Bow Down, Jazz Hands, Face Palm, Laugh, Coin Flip, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Clap, Sad, Yawn and Frustrated. Of course, these new emotes will need to be purchased with Silver, a currency which needs to first be purchased using real world money. Current prices for these emotes has not yet been set, but players should expect to see a range of prices with the cooler emotes probably getting a higher price tag.

While there isn’t a time table on these new emotes yet, many believe that they’re right around the corner, launching the same day as the recently revealed Sparrow Racing League content.

Interestingly enough, the video quickly reveals a few new categories within the Eververse Trading Company menu as well. In addition to the emotes, there’s a new Mystery Bag section with five different selections, indicating that players can spend varying amounts of silver to try and score emotes from the initial inventory which is no longer being sold. Additionally, a final section called SRL Event which contains a record book item and a victory wave emote specifically tied to the upcoming Sparrow Racing League.

Up to this point, the microtransactions in Destiny has been limited to emotes, a harmless way for a player to express themselves in the world instead of actual gear or items. With this December update in Destiny however, it seems Bungie is expanding the inventory available beyond emotes with grab bag items and a SRL book, which could indicate the direction Bungie is ultimately going to go. With microtransactions remain a controversial aspect for many gamers, it’ll be interesting to see how Bungie manages to toe the line without going too far and upsetting their existing fanbase.

Are you looking forward to the new racing event coming this week or are you hoping for a different style of content for the next major update? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Source: Mesa Sean YouTube