Destiny: The Taken King players now have a chance to earn old emotes as rewards for completing the weekly nightfall mission, previously sold by the Eververse Trading Company.

The Eververse Trading Company, Bungie’s microtransaction store in Destiny led by Tess Everis, recently received new inventory of items for players to purchase thanks to the December update. While the December update focuses mainly on balance tweaks, updating certain exotic weapons, and adding in the SRL event, new emotes also took center stage including air guitar and jazz hands. The older emotes originally introduced, were taken down and placed in a mystery bag that players could purchase.

Interestingly enough, players who have beaten the Nightfall mission this week are starting to see some new loot appearing as a potential reward in the form of Mystery Bags. As it turns out, these items contain old emotes which are no longer sold at the Eververse Trading Company. The discovery was initially reported on Reddit, as a new Mystery Bag appeared as a reward with a description that read, “contains one emote from fall 2015, highly likely to contain an emote not currently owned.”

This new addition wasn’t included in the December Update release notes, so currently it is not known if this behavior is intentional or not. With Bungie looking for additional ways to improve the rewards that players can get by completing these difficult missions, perhaps this is Bungie’s way of making this mission more appealing for players.

Destiny Emotes Reward

Upon their reveal back in October, emotes have proven to be a hit with a good portion of the Destiny community. At the time, the only way to claim these emotes was through spending real money on a currency known as silver and being sold in five dollar chunks, it stands to reason that Bungie is doing quite well with the return. With this recent update, it appears that Bungie is giving players who don’t wish to spend their hard earned cash, another way to earn these emotes.

As Destiny shifts away from large expansion packs in favor of smaller updates and events, Bungie appears to be placing a greater focus on the revenue potential of the Eververse Trading Company. Considering the new events will be patched in for all players to enjoy, these new microtransaction items such as the emotes represent the only way for Bungie to make additional money on the game. Currently, the items offered are simply cosmetic, so it’ll be interesting to see if Bungie slowly adds more and different items to the virtual store shelves later on.

Is the potential for emotes dropping incentive enough to return to playing Nightfall missions on a regular basis? What other rewards would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Source: Reddit