Destiny developer Bungie releases statistics and figures about Destiny‘s latest live event, The Dawning, and what players have been able to accomplish so far.

Destiny‘s current live event, The Dawning, has added to activities to the game: the second season of Sparrow Racing League and Strike Scoring. Along with some new gear to chase, The Dawning has given many Destiny fans a reason to return to the game three months after the latest expansion release.

It appears that The Dawning was in fact able to engage players, based on the latest figures released by the game’s developer, Bungie. Bungie shared this image on Instagram and Twitter, which gives some big numbers covering the first seven days of The Dawning.


Over three million enemies have been killed during The Dawning, and the Strike playlists seem very popular with a combined Strike Score in the hundreds of billions and total medals earned over half a billion. No doubt, the new armor that can be earned through completing Zavala’s new weekly bounties, as well as the hunt for Ice Breaker, are causing fans to focus on the Strikes (not to mention the addition of three remastered Strikes).

The Ice Breaker dropping randomly from the new weekly Nightfall bounty seems to be making the Nightfall more popular than it has been in quite some time. With The Taken King, the experience boost earned by doing the Nightfall was removed and the loot table was changed, making it a much less desirable activity to complete.

On the other side of The Dawning, fans have completed more than 32 million Sparrow Racing League matches with nearly two billion gates cleared. The most popular Sparrow being used is the Iron Gjallarwing, which was a pre-order exclusive for Rise of Iron. Next is the EV-40 Snowscream, which was first available during last year’s Sparrow Racing League by completing the Class C License quest. It can be obtained by the same means during this Sparrow Racing League. Lastly, the Lysander’s Cry Sparrow is new this year, hidden away in a secret gift box in the Tower—check out Game Rant’s guide about how to get Lysander’s Cry.

Overall, these numbers seem to show that The Dawning has been a successful event for Destiny. That’s significant because the game’s last live event, Festival of the Lost, was a failure, keeping every piece of new content behind a paywall and making the event feel much more like a microtransaction sale more than an actual event with activities to complete.

The Dawning, with its new activities and gear including some new exotics, really nails what a live event in Destiny can be. And the numbers appear to show it.

The Dawning will continue in Destiny until January 3rd.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.