Destiny: How to Beat the Templar Challenge in Vault of Glass Raid

destiny templar challenge

It’s week 2 for Destiny’s Age of Triumph event, which means that Vault of Glass is live at the new 390 light level. It also means that both the Templar and Atheon challenge are live, offering players the chance at new loot, new ornaments, and elemental primary weapons.

While speculation had run rampant regarding what challenges Vault of Glass could offer, the Templar challenge was fairly obvious to predict. As most diehard Destiny fans expected, the key of the Templar challenge is to prevent the boss from teleporting.

Obviously, that’s not all that is new for the Templar fight, but it is the key to completing the Templar challenge.

What's New in the Templar Boss Fight

Aside from stronger enemies, the major difference in the Templar boss fight is that the oracles spawn faster, have more health, and are colored red. Red Oracles are unique in that players must destroy them; the relic will not cleanse players and prevent them from dying during the ritual of negation.

destiny vault of glass entrance

With that in mind, teams will want to be quick about calling out the Oracles and using heavy weapons to take them out. The good news, though, is that those who are trying to complete the challenge will only have to take out two Oracles.

How to Complete the Templar Challenge

As was mentioned, the key to completing the Templar challenge is preventing the boss from teleporting. Every time a player uses the relic’s blast to take down the Templar’s shield, the boss will attempt to teleport to a new spot around the arena.

This new teleport spot will be highlighted by a red circle with a beam of light shooting out from it. To block the teleport, all players need to do is stand in the red circle and wait for the feed to say ‘The Templar calls for its minotaurs.

Best Strategies for Beating Templar Challenge

Of course, knowing how to complete the challenge and actually completing it is easier said than done. With the raid now at 390 light level, the enemies are going to be much harder to deal with, and preventing the Templar’s teleport makes things even more challenging.

destiny vault of glass age triumph armor

Our recommendation is that the fireteam have at least two Titans in the group, so they can place the Ward of Dawn bubble on the two teleport spots that are out in the open. If you’re looking at the Templar, those would be the pillars to the left and right of the boss. With these bubbles, the whole team can take shelter from the Templar’s blasts and block the teleport at the same time.

More adventurous groups may want to use Weapons of Light on the Ward of Dawn bubbles, but Blessing of Light is a better choice for those teams that are struggling. Minotaurs at light level 390 are no joke, and taking them out will require some serious firepower.

If there are no bubbles available or if a bubble has worn out, the relic holder can block the teleport as well and use the relic’s protective shield to keep them safe. It’s a less successful strategy because it forces the relic holder to run around the map, but one that can work in a pinch.

Once complete, players will earn an Age of Triumph ornament, basic Vault of Glass loot (weapons or armor), a new emblem, and an exotic elemental primary weapon. Yes, a lot of players are going to be hoping for Fatebringer, but all of the Vault primaries are fun to use.

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