Destiny: Use This Trick to Beat the Templar Challenge Easily

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While some may argue that previous challenges have put players to test, many agree that Destiny’s Vault of Glass challenges are among its hardest. It’s only fitting that when Bungie planned to send off its first raid, it did so with a bang not a whimper.

As many are already finding out, the Atheon Challenge and the Templar Challenge in Vault of Glass are no joke. Both will challenge even the most seasoned of Destiny fireteams, forcing them to communicate and coordinate in ways they never have before.

New Templar Challenge Strategy

We’ve already detailed how to complete the Templar Challenge, but a new strategy has popped up since the challenge’s launch that may help those fireteams that are struggling. Being forced to block the Templar’s teleports is no easy feat, both because it summons tough Vex Minotaurs to the arena and also puts the Templar’s focus right on whoever is standing in the circle.

The trick to getting the Templar Challenge done easily is to make sure the boss is in a good position. Once the fight begins, the Templar will spawn at the top of the stairs, almost in the center of the room. It will fire at any players it sees and summon Oracles, which is the first phase of the fight and a simple one at that. Whenever its shield drops, though, the real challenge begins as the Templar tries to teleport to either his right side or his left side.


As most know, in order to complete the challenge, the team needs to block those teleports by standing in the center of the red ring until the Templar calls for Minotaurs. But doing so also puts the Templar's focus right on the ring, and the boss will send a barrage of fire that direction.

On his left side, though, there is a pillar in between the ring and the Templar that the team can use to block the barrage, but only if the Templar is moved back a little. Here’s how to do it.

Move the Templar Backwards

Once the team is ready to begin the damage phase on the Templar, get a Nightstalker Hunter with Tether and a Warlock with a Vortex grenade and have them stand anywhere in front of the boss. When the relic holder using their super to take down the Templar’s shield, have the Hunter use its Tether and the Warlock toss a grenade. NOTE: any sustained damage grenade can work, but the Vortex works the best in our tests.

If done correctly, the Templar should inch backwards slightly. Granted, this isn’t going to be enough to push the boss off the map like the old days, but it should be enough.

With the Templar now slightly further back than normal, the relic holder can set up on the right side of the boss (if facing it) and position themselves so that the pillar blocks any incoming damage. All he or she will need to do now is sit down and block the teleports – no damage should reach them from the Vex enemies or the Templar.

destiny templar challenge

This strategy also frees up the rest of the Destiny fireteam to focus on blocking the other teleport, clearing enemies, and doing damage. Our recommendation is that the team place a Titan’s Ward of Dawn bubble on the other teleport spot and have one player step in there every time the Templar attempts to move. Blessing of Light will help if the team is dying too often, but Weapons of Light will help kill the Templar faster.

Obviously, there are other ways to deal with the Templar, and it’s possible that Bungie will eventually patch out the boss’ movement. But for now this is a tip that should help those teams that are struggling.

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