Destiny Player Completes Vault of Glass Templar Challenge Solo

Destiny Warlock Class

One of the big draws for many Destiny players with Age of Triumph, the last major content update, is all four raids getting refreshed for high level players, complete with harder enemies, updated loot, and new challenges to overcome. This week features the Vault of Glass, and for many it has proven to be quite difficult for full teams. However, one player has shown that even Destiny's greatest challenges can be turned into child's play with a little effort.

YouTuber Esoterickk was recently crowned Bungie's Movie of the Week in its weekly update thanks in large part to his Destiny raid efforts. Most figured that players would attempt to solo the Vault of Glass raid at the new light level, but none expected someone would do it so fast and complete the Templar Challenge at the same time.

For those who have been keeping track, Vault of Glass' Templar Challenge requires dealing damage to the boss while also blocking its teleport, a task that has proven difficult for full, 6-player fireteams. For Esoterickk's Warlock, however, completing the challenge solo only required a little patience and a lot of running back and forth.

To sum up, Esoterickk runs between the two Templar teleport spots as quickly as possible, while avoiding (or absorbing) as much enemy fire as possible. As long as he keeps the Templar from teleporting, Esoterickk is still in line to complete the challenge, the only issue is doing enough damage in enough time. Luckily, the relic shield has its own super attack, a charged blast that, while somewhat weak compared to other weapons, does enough damage. And eventually the Templar does fall...just 26 minutes later.

What makes the challenge much easier for Warlocks appears to be how the class is able to use a trick called relic skating. For a Warlock, this involves jumping then quickly pressing the melee button while holding the Aegis relic. Doing so provides a quick forward boost, letting players cover ground much faster than simply running.

destiny templar challenge

Based on previous videos, it's clear that this player is no stranger to taking on difficult challenges. Last week, they also took on the newly revamped Crota's End raid, soloing the bridge area of the raid and even taking down Crota himself three separate times, onec with each class. With King's Fall on the schedule for next week, it's a safe bet that more solo videos will be appearing online shortly after, assuming solo runs are possible.

Players looking for additional tips and tricks for a full fireteam of players should check out Game Rant's Destiny guides to the newly refreshed raid.

After watching the video, will you be trying this challenge by yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Destiny is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Esoterickk YouTube

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