Destiny Team Hits 5 Million Score in Nightfall Strike

destiny nightfall strike 5 million score

The community surrounding Destiny has been growing stronger even as Bungie's first attempt at a hybrid FPS and MMO game enters its twilight months. Destiny 2 is coming soon, and aside from the fact that it will tap into a previously untouched section of the gaming community in PC stalwarts, it will also mark an entirely new journey for fans of the original Destiny as the title proceeds along its vaunted ten-year plan. Despite that impending shift toward a new Destiny, however, fans of the original game are still going enjoying themselves and making sure others share in the fun.

Those looking for evidence of this continued passion need cast their gaze no further than a recent post on the Destiny sub-reddit made by a user named A_DVS_NTT. The post details the user and their friend's decision to see how high they could get their Nightfall Strike score in a single attempt, and the madness that unravelled from there. What started as a joke quickly became something bigger, and the group of friends turned their endeavor into the second-highest Nightfall rating on PS4 that week - a rating that took over 10 hours to achieve.

destiny nightfall strike 5 million

The picture above, provided by A_DVS_NTT, shows the group's team score of over 5 million while also demonstrating the amount of kills they needed to hit that mark. Besides the fact that it seems A_DVS_NTT really needs to step it up when it comes to their kill count in Nightfall, the most striking takeaway from the group's odyssey is that they only achieved the second highest score that week. According to A_DVS_NTT, the rating system in Nightfall Strike heavily rewards time spent on the mission rather than overall score, which explains why 5 million wasn't quite good enough on that week.

The group's achievement is the latest in a number of feats of strength that Destiny players have taken to completing while the wait for Destiny 2 continues. About a month ago, a group of players set the record for the fastest Nightfall Strike in history, and it appears that now the Destiny community has also found its longest successful Nightfall Strike as well.

While most games typically slow down to a crawl before the release of a major expansion - or, in this case, an entirely new game - it's heartening to see that the Destiny community is still just as engaged as ever. That's great news for Bungie as well, as that dedication will, in the developer's eyes, be more likely to carry over to Destiny 2 in the future.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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