Destiny: The Taken King Doubles Vault Space

By | 1 year ago 

Love it or hate it, Destiny is one of the most popular and consistently played games of the last few years. It constantly tops sales charts month after month, and with The Taken King expansion releasing in less than a month’s time on September 15th, expect the Destiny user base to continue to grow.

That being said, despite the game’s popularity, fans have been vocal about many areas in which the game could improve. So far, it definitely seems like Bungie is listening to fans and making changes with The Taken King that may even bring back lapsed Destiny players, if implemented properly. That list of changes has now grown to encompass an often requested feature from fans, as revealed during a Twitch live-stream of The Taken King earlier today.

As has been requested by fans, the vault space in Destiny will be increasing with the release of The Taken King next month. The limited vault space before has required players to dismantle weapons and armor that they may not have necessarily wanted to part with, and the increased vault space will allow Guardians to hang on to more weapons and armor than ever before.

Players can look forward to 72 slots each for both the weapon and armor categories in the vault. The number of slots for general vault space will remain untouched, but weapons and armor were the big concern for most.

Increased vault space is something that fans have been asking Bungie to add to Destiny for quite some time, and it’s nice to see that The Taken King will finally be bringing more vault space to the game. The additional vault space is sure to be appreciated by the die hard fans of the game, but it’s not the only improvement that fans can look forward to with The Taken King.

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Besides the increased vault space, Bungie is also making improvements to the Tower, as well as completely revamping the game’s leveling system. Previously, after reaching a certain level in Destiny, players were then tasked with collecting pieces of armor with high light ratings in order to increase their level further. This confusing leveling system encouraged an unhealthy amount of grinding, which is another complaint often lobbed at the game.

With The Taken King, Destiny plans on changing the leveling system to be completely XP based. Presumably, this will make the game feel like less of a grind as players won’t feel compelled to repeat the same missions ad nauseum just to acquire a piece of armor with a higher light rating.

Between the increased vault space and the improved leveling system, Bungie definitely appears to be listening to fan feedback with The Taken King expansion for DestinyDestiny players will be able to enjoy this increased vault space when The Taken King releases next month.

Are the improvements and changes coming to Destiny: The Taken King worth the price of admission to you? For lapsed players, has it made you consider returning to Bungie’s RPG/shooter hybrid?

The Taken King expansion for Destiny will be available on September 15th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.