New Destiny: The Taken King Trailer Features Epic CG Space Battle

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Without a doubt, Destiny is one of the most successful titles of this past year. The proof lies not only in its financial prosperity – it set a sales record for a new game franchise, breaking $325 million in its first five days of availability – but also in the point that with about 20 million active players across every platform, Destiny fans have logged a total playtime of more than 2 billion hours. Bearing such figures in mind, it’s easy to believe once Bungie officially releases the first-person shooter’s long-awaited expansion known as The Taken King that diehard devotees of the action-RPG will ensure the DLC’s success.

In fact, ever since the add-on’s announcement, Destiny fans have been waiting patiently for it to become playable. However, the anticipation hasn’t been easy. For instance, while Bungie has kept players in the loop regarding The Taken King with weekly updates and myriad press releases such as their unveiling the DLC’s new strike boss called Darkblade, the fresh knowledge only makes the days before its release seem even longer. Nevertheless, the game studio has now officially dropped what is arguably the most epic trailer for The Taken King yet, as it features Guardians giving it their all against Oryx amidst an incredibly vast computer generated space battle.

Destiny Stormcaller Warlock Pose

As most fans could expect, a lot of the combat in the above footage is rooted in the expansion’s main villain Oryx’s ship the Dreadnaught, as it will contain new Bounties, Patrol Missions, Public Events, secret treasures, and a fight with the Taken King himself. Plus, there’s even some great interplanetary skirmishes featured as well. Not to mention, the video’s inclusion of Nolan North as the narrator is interesting, for just yesterday it was announced that the popular voice actor would be taking over the role of Ghost – Guardians’ AI companion – from Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage. Plus, at the risk of repetition, the galactic spacecraft warfare highlighted in the video is riveting to say the least.

Although the trailer’s quality is on par with most major box office film releases and certainly does its job of hyping up The Taken King, it’s worthy to note that Destiny still isn’t without its detractors. For instance, while the game’s new experience-based level system is an improvement, a lot of dedicated fans are criticizing Bungie for the feature’s implementation. Their specific complaint about the XP system is based on the reality of many had spent tons of time scouring for powerful gear in order to reach top-tier statuses, so letting novice players bypass such steps seems unfair. Having said that, the retooled XP aspect ought to make Destiny more accessible to some, but the studio should have definitely utilized such a framework for leveling from the start rather than deciding to alter it now.

Destiny Taken King Guardians in Dreadnaught

Also in regards to Year One changes, Bungie’s recent confirmation of older legendary armor, weapons and gear not being upgradable will likely peeve some at the start of The Taken King. However, once players begin acquiring the a lot of the powerful new weapon designs incorporated in the forthcoming DLC, their tension ought to eventually become assuaged.

At any rate, if the newest trailer for The Taken King is any indication of the expansion’s in-game quality, Destiny fans should be in for a blockbuster battle. With the Guardians putting it all on the line in the fight to reclaim their planets from Oryx, it’s undeniable that their quest won’t be easy.

Destiny: The Taken King is set for release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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