Destiny: The Taken King Launch Trailer Reveals More Gameplay

Destiny- The Taken King Reveals Launch Gameplay Trailer


Guardians around the globe are certainly rejoicing, as the countdown for the official release of Destiny: The Taken King is almost over. With Year 1 of Bungie's popular action-RPG winding down, the studio is building as much hype as possible in order to ensure that Destiny: The Taken King not only appeases fans and critics alike, but is also a financial success once the game's launch day finally arrives.

With two of three Year 2 streams having revealed tons of new gameplay details for The Taken King, and with Bungie dominating social media, it's apparent the developers have put a lot of work into proving haters of the sci-fi shooter wrong, as well as winning back gamers who have previously turned their back on the title. It seems as if the company has paid attention to the fans' wishlist of their most wanted features for Destiny, by showcasing improvements to the Tower, disclosing specifics about old exotics upgrades, and divulging that Guardians will receive double the vault space upon the expansion's release.

However, Bungie may have permanently soured relations with a lot of their fan base after recently announcing that the highly anticipated King's Fall raid's release date will be delayed, and won't coincide with The Taken King's day one content, as it could be available one to two weeks later. Nevertheless, the studio has dropped a brand new launch gameplay trailer featuring a brooding Oryx, sprawling space battles, Guardians fighting their way through hordes of enemies, and the hard rock song "Black Dog", one of Led Zeppelin's seminal singles.

Destiny The Taken King 'Ol Blue Magoo

While the footage at the top of the article doesn't really showcase anything truly noteworthy that can't be found within Destiny's "We Are Guardians" trailer about a month ago, it's still pretty cool that Activision and Bungie secured the rights to the '70s call-and-response classic. Be that as it may, it would've been even better if some dancing Guardians were edited into the clip, grooving to Robert Plant's inimitable howl and Jimmy Page's ripping riffs. At least it would've injected the video with a bit more levity, as opposed to the overly serious tone that normally permeates most anything related to the game.

At any rate, Destiny players need to get some extra hard drive storage prepared for the required Update 2.0 download's fast-approaching release on September 8, as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners need to have 18 GB free, PlayStation 3 users will need about 20 GB of open space, and Xbox 360 players will need 10 GB available. All of that memory's going to be necessary if Guardians want to partake in the new quests teased in the title's recently published achievements.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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