Destiny: The Taken King Teaser Trailer Shows New Footage

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Destiny: The Taken King is without a doubt one of 2015’s most highly anticipated titles. In order to meet expectations, Bungie has recently been teasing tons of information regarding the considerably large expansion, such as the introduction of two new multiplayer modes called Rift and Mayhem, in addition to the eight new maps being incorporated into the Crucible.

During Bungie’s Weekly Update several days ago, the studio announced three walkthrough streams hosted by the game’s developers and community members to take place before the DLC’s release, which will continue until the game is officially available. Today the company has revealed a new teaser trailer highlighting the extensive add-on for Destiny, revealing a cursory glance at bits of the upcoming content, features, and tweaks, as well as a brief look at some fresh footage from the game’s campaign missions.

Entitled “Destiny Year Two”, the reel specifically focuses on The Taken King‘s experience-based level system, one-time level boost, Faction alliances, blueprints for Exotic gear, and a slew of other interesting goodies that fans should see for themselves in the trailer posted above. Would-be Guardians should expect even more details to be discussed during Bungie’s aforementioned livestreams.

Destiny The Taken King Teaser Trailer Shows New Footage

As previously reported, Bungie’s exclusive presentations for Destiny: The Taken King are set to start on August 19 that is, tomorrow – and will begin at 11:00 AM PDT (2 PM EDT) on Twitch. The broadcasts are going to be hosted by executive producer Mark Noseworthy and senior design lead Tyson Green. Both developers are expected to discuss how players’ Year One achievements will transfer to Year Two, improvements to the Tower, and they will more than likely also cover why older legendary gear won’t upgrade when The Taken King is out.

The other two livestreams will be respectively shown on August 26 and September 2, and will appear the same time as tomorrow’s. Next week, the team covering the webcast will be design lead James Tsai and YouTuber Mr. Fruit to talk about details for the forthcoming Strikes, and to look at new Guardian sub-classes. The last transmission is helmed by designer Ben Womack, raid lead designer Luke Smith, and they will be joined by Twitch streamer Laced Up Lauren to examine the game’s Public Events, and since it’s the final airing before The Taken King‘s release, the group will surely present some surprises. If we’re lucky, maybe someone will bring up what Xur’s recent selling of Gjallarhorn means for the future.

With the massive amount of ink that Destiny: The Taken King has gotten as of late, it’s hard to tell if Bungie’s overconfidence in the press will pay off in the long run. While it’s obvious the studio has convinced itself that Destiny‘s Year Two will prove to be a boon for the action-RPG franchise, it’s important to note that some of their decisions regarding upcoming changes Bungie’s recent weapon nerf explanation immediately comes to mind haven’t set well with fans. That said, such an alteration is often common for MMOs, as evolving to new item classes is typically a natural progression. At any rate, we’ll find out if the company’s risks worked when the DLC drops less than a month from now.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release September 15, 2015 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie (via GameSpot)