Although Bungie likes to head into their Destiny livestream reveals under the guise that everything is unscripted, the developer always has a plan. They know exactly what they want to show players, what they want to tease, and what they want to outright avoid. For example, many may have thought that Bungie was purposefully avoiding talk of increased vault space in Destiny: The Taken King, but they clearly wanted to save that reveal for last.

However, when it comes to Destiny teases, it’s hard to tell what Bungie meant to reveal and what may have accidentally slipped through the cracks. But as we all know, once things are on the Internet, there’s no way to hide it anymore.

While there is plenty that was seen but not talked about within the Destiny Year 2 reveal, the one thing that stood out to us didn’t appear until the tail end of the stream. As some may have noticed, one of the Bungie dev’s Guardians was wearing a sword on his back, and it wasn’t a cosmetic item.

Now, because Bungie didn’t outright mention the sword, most of what we can glean about the weapon is speculation. But, there were enough clues within the stream to put some general information together.

First and foremost, the one sword we did see is called Arc Edge and is, as the name implies, an arc elemental weapon. Its description reads, “The dark heart of Willbreaker burns within this blade,” which suggests that it could be a raid reward or a Strike reward, perhaps for taking down Oryx in the King’s Fall raid. The blade also has a defend ability that protects the player against solar and void attacks, but is weak against arc. Running around with such a melee-focused weapon is obviously a risk, so presumably this ability will give players some options at range.

Putting those disparate elements together it sounds as if the sword is a new weapon class in Destiny. Whether that’s primary, special, or heavy is unclear, and would ultimately come down to how much damage the weapon does. If every sword slash is a one hit kill – like the Blade of Crota sword on basic enemies – then it seems likely that the class would fit the heavy slot, but there’s no guarantee. If nothing else, it appears the least likely that the sword would be a primary, for the amount of havoc it could potentially wreak on PvP.

It also appears that the sword weapon class will use energy as its source of ammo, which calls to mind the energy sword from Bungie’s first major FPS venture, Halo. However, where Halo’s energy sword was more unique in its design, this Destiny sword has a far more traditional look – i.e. a short hilt with a long blade.

No doubt, the Destiny Year 2 reveal was packed with plenty of new information, maybe even more so than fans realized. The sword detail was just one of at least a dozen that we’re sure fans will speculate over for the next month. But for now the sword hype is real.

Hat Tip: Datto on Twitter