'Destiny: The Taken King' Subclass Abilities and Perks Revealed

Destiny The Taken King NightStalker


Even after just releasing the brand new expansion, House of Wolves, in May which changes and updates a number of things with Destiny, Bungie was not content to sit back this year at E3 2015. After initially teasing an announcement prior to the show, the studio held their word and revealed a new trailer for the next upcoming expansion known as The Taken King.

While Bungie has remained somewhat silent on providing detailed information outside of Oryx being the defacto villain in this expansion, Destiny fans at E3 this year have managed to uncover the perks coming to all three subclasses once the brand new expansion, The Taken King, hits Destiny in September.

While the reveal trailer didn't give players any insight into potential new content like Strikes and Raids, the video did show off three new subclasses being added for each of the base characters. These new subclasses in The Taken King expansion aim to give players access to the final damage type that those classes currently don't have access to. For example, the Hunter gains the Nightstalker subclass which focuses on Void damage, the Warlock gains access to Arc damage through the Stormcaller subclass, and finally, the Titan can tap into Solar damage with the Sunbreaker subclass.

Resourceful fans at E3 have gone a step further and have managed to capture data on each new subclass abilities, revealing what players can expect once the expansion releases. Warlock Stormcallers will have access to Stormtrance, which grants these players the ability to fire arc lightning from their hands. The other major ability is called Thunderstrike and Warlock players the opportunity to perform electrified melee strikes to close range targets. Titan Sunbreakers gain access to a powerful melee weapon called the Hammer of Sol or can opt for Sunstrike which burns targets through melee or weakens enemy armor. Lastly, Hunter Nightstalkers can throw smoke to weaken and disorient enemies or tether a large group of enemies to a Void anchor through the Shadowshot perk which not only slows the targets down but also silences them.

Destiny The Taken King NightStalker

The full list of perks and abilities for these new subclasses can be found here.

While The Taken King reveal wasn't much of a surprise due to the leaks that happened earlier this year, this new expansion appears to be another major addition to the game, not only adding new subclasses for players to experience, but also marking a potential new starting point for players who have either left the game or have yet to fully jump on board. With a retail version of the game coming including a collector's edition which comes with all current expansions plus the base game, Activision and Bungie are looking to grow the user base even more.

With a strong Fall/holiday season already being set at E3 this year, it'll be interesting to see how Destiny, a game which will have been out a year come September, holds up against the competition.

What do you guys think of these new perks? Are you excited to see new subclasses added to the game?

Destiny: The Taken King hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on September 15, 2015.

Source: Reddit

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