Destiny: The Taken King Trailer Teases Dreadnaught Strike Reveal

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With Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie is aiming not only retain to its current player population but also to try and woo back players who may have left the community since launch. With a large number of enhancements and overhauls coming to the core experience, the biggest change may be to the game’s narrative. Since launch, Destiny’s story has been one of the weakest aspects of the experience, with Bungie choosing to lock critical details behind online-only Grimoire Cards rather than trying to deliver the story in-game. With The Taken King, however, Bungie is placing more emphasis on story through quests, cut scenes, and stronger NPC character interaction.

As the release date quickly draws near, Bungie continues to slow drip new information about the upcoming expansion to Destiny fans through weekly Twitch streams, updates, and even Instagram photos. Coming tomorrow in a new Twitch stream, fans have been promised a closer look at potential gameplay opportunities and some of those revamped cinematic story elements within Oryx’s ship, The Dreadnaught.

In advance of their upcoming Dreadnaught focused stream for The Taken King, Bungie has released a new teaser trailer giving fans a quick look at some of the gameplay they can expect to see tomorrow. In addition to getting a sneak peak at The Dreadnaught, the stream is set to reveal a brand new Strike mission within The Taken King, which has Guardians infiltrating a new area of the ship against a group of Cabal lead by the hulking Bond brothers.

The stream kicks off tomorrow, August 26, at 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 7 PM UK and features community manager David ‘Deej’ Dague, design lead James Tsai and community guest Mr. Fruit. Game Rant will be hosting the stream as well so make sure to tune in to the channel here.

Destiny The Taken King dreadnaught mission

Even as brief as the trailer is, fans can hear a glimpse of Nolan North’s take on the player character’s AI Ghost for the first time. The famed voice actor, known for his work on other popular games like Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted, took over the role from Peter Dinklage, who was replaced due to his busy schedule. Bungie confirmed that North has not only provided his voice for Ghost in the new Taken King content, but has also completely voiced over all existing lines from the main game as well.

In a previous stream last week, Bungie  confirmed a number of improvements and changes coming to The Tower social space with an update that is scheduled to release prior to The Taken King. Changes range from subtle, such as quests and bounties getting their own menu screen, to the substantial, like The Cryptarch now offering Legendary Engrams or the Gunsmith offering Armsday Order missions. For longtime players, the most exciting change may be the fact that Bungie has finally fixed the storage issue and doubled the vault space.

What are you guys looking forward to seeing tomorrow on the stream? What do you think of Nolan North’s take on Ghost? Strike up a discussion below and let us know!

Destiny: The Taken King launches on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on September 15.

Source: Bungie