What Happens to Strange Coins in Destiny: The Taken King?

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Being a loot based game, Destiny encourages players to participate in new missions each week for a chance at earning exceedingly rare gear or weapons. Sometimes though, the quickest way to obtain a new exotic item or two is to visit Xur, a merchant who appears at The Tower only on weekends. For a handful of Strange Coins, players can purchase hard to find items like the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, which caused quite a stir within the community when it became available a few weeks ago.

Within the Year One content of Destiny, players could take part in weekly strike events which would reward up to nine Strange Coins making it the best way to save up for when Xur visits. With the news that Bungie is heavily changing the way weekly events work in The Taken King, many were left wondering what would happen to Strange Coins and if they were now rendered obsolete. With the fanbase in a panic after the Nightfall and Weekly event changes were announced, executive producer, Mark Noseworthy, took to Twitter to offer a little more detail. After confirming that Strange Coins will continue to be the only currency accepted by Xur, Noseworthy also went on to reveal that Strange Coins will be offered as a reward in more non-weekly type activities.

To help offset the change and further alleviate any fears from current players, Noseworthy also confirmed that the drop rate for Strange Coins would be increased across all activities as well. Many players were worried that removing an easy way to gain nine strange coins at a time would cause the process to become too random, feeling more like a grind.

Prior to the Weekly, the only real way to earn Strange Coins would be from random Crucible rewards, hitting a new rank with a Tower faction, or completing the Nightfall mission. Still, these only provide a random chance at earning one, which is why the Weekly strike was so appealing to players as it served as the only real guaranteed source of Strange Coins. As Bungie announced the removal of these missions with the new Vanguard Heroic Playlist, it caused the fanbase to go up in arms.

With each weekly update, players are learning more and more that Bungie isn’t kidding when it regards The Taken King as a brand new game. Already, Destiny is receiving a number of sweeping changes to the core experience prior to The Taken King’s launch with Update 2.0. The download, which will be available on September 8, promises to be massive as it brings a number of changes to Destiny including a brand new leveling system, weapon balances, and the Nolan North voiced Ghost. Not to mention, the update also paves the way for the wealth of new content in The Taken King which releases the following week.

How do you guys feel about these changes including the fact that Strange Coins will be available as a reward in more places? Let us know below in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter