With about one more week to go before Destiny: The Taken King becomes obtainable to long-time Guardians and newcomers alike, Bungie is hard at work ensuring that the expansion’s launch day goes off without a hitch. In fact, the studio recently announced there would be no daily or weekly events until the DLC is officially available just so developers can focus on smoothing out any last-minute problems that could arise before next Tuesday’s release.

As many Destiny fans will attest, the recent Update 2.0 and patch notes are massive. In fact, some players with unreliable Internet connections may still be downloading the hefty package, for the data in both the PS4’s and Xbox One’s patch are roughly 20 GB apiece. Yesterday’s upgrade introduced a bevy of new components to Destiny, such as the anticipated switch from light-based leveling to an experience-based leveling system, changes to ensure a proper weapon balance, as well as the possibility of new class-specific exotic weapons.

Of course, as hardcore fans of any game are wont to do, there will surely be a dedicated few who blow the cover of secrets meant to be shown off once the final product is on the market, much like the player who recently came across a glitch revealing a playable area forĀ The Taken King set in Earth’s Mines. Now, a Reddit user going by the handle “ebuch” has found out about a new Sparrow racing Patrol mission type while doing a Mars Patrol bounty.

As seen in the video above, the Patrol known as “In the Crossfire” works like a racing game’s stopwatch mode, in that gamers must quickly pass through a random succession of checkpoints that builds up energy and sensor data under the notion that Guardians are researching new technology for survival. The percentage collected from the “bursts”, as they’re being called, decreases over time, so players have to move as fast as possible between the checkpoints to ensure the mission’s completion.

Upon the gamer’s second finishing of the aforementioned assignment, “ebuch” was granted an optional secondary mission that played much like the first one. However, as the footage at the top of this paragraph proves, the more times a Guardian completes a set of readings, the more difficult the next one becomes, as the checkpoints get spaced out further and their spawns turn more randomized. Plus, enemies’ assaults get stronger and relentless.

A third mission is set in the Forgotten Shore area called “Marooned No More”, and it has Guardians exploring and studying the “unexplained energy bursts” in order to understand why they’re jeopardizing navigation systems. This Patrol is pretty much the same thing as the previous two, for once players complete a full cycle of sensor data, they head back to the Tower to turn it in.

While the finding of the new Patrol mission type is definitely interesting, it’s still unclear as to what the payoff is for successfully completing them all. And since Bungie confirmed yesterday that the most recent Patrols added in Update 2.0 aren’t granting rewards until The Taken King is available, some are speculating that the study of these “energy bursts” could mean being prized a new weapon in the end.

Although, those fans who want a sneak peek at some goodies to come will be pleased to know that some King’s Fall raid armor rewards leaked online. With so many new features being discovered this early, it’s a wonder if Bungie will have any surprises in store for fans once The Taken King goes live. Nevertheles, one would be hard-pressed to argue that the studio hasn’t put a lot of work toward the attempt of revitalizing Destiny for Year Two.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15, 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit