Destiny: The Taken King Will Reward Year 1 Players

By | 1 year ago 

The biggest news to come out of E3 for the Destiny faithful was the official unveiling of The Taken King, the biggest piece of content set to launch for the game in 2015. While its name had been leaked ahead of time, hands-on time with the expansion demonstrated just how dedicated Bungie is to continuing the title’s upward momentum.

However, the good feeling about Destiny coming out of E3 was marred somewhat by the ongoing argument of content vs. pricing. A Eurogamer interview with creative director Luke Smith sparked debate throughout the game’s community as to whether The Taken King would justify its $40/£40 pricetag.

Further bad feelings started to circulate when it became clear that veteran players would have to rebuy something that they already own if they wanted to claim the exclusive content that was being included in the expansion. Many dedicated fans felt like they were being taken advantage of, rather than looked after.

A franchise like Destiny can live or die based on how happy its hardcore players are. They’re the ones who push the limits of the game, doing things in the game world that take it beyond a normal gaming experience. With that in mind, they’re a group of people who are crucial to the title’s continued success.

It seems that Bungie are very aware of that fact, as community manager DeeJ stepped into a discussion about the aforementioned Eurogamer interview on the studio’s official forums to try and nip the issue in the bud. According to him, there’s something special being planned for ‘year one’ players who were invested in Destiny from the start.

Destiny Cassini Orbiting Saturn

DeeJ didn’t give any more details, but he did invite fans to watch out for this week’s edition of his regular updates on the Bungie website. It will certainly be interesting to see what the studio plans to offer, as it seems like it will be something different to the content included in the collector’s edition.

Given the scope of Destiny, this could be anything from a shader to a new social area — it all depends what Bungie are willing to give players to keep them sweet. While DeeJ makes this sound premeditated, there’s no way to tell whether plans were in place before this week’s unrest.

The relationship between Bungie and Destiny players has rarely been smooth sailing, but the fact that the studio is doing its best to do right by fans has to be commended. Things don’t always work out immediately, but it’s clear that everything is being done to make The Taken King satisfying for players old and new.

Destiny: The Taken King is set to release for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on September 15.