‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Leak Reveals Release, New Subclasses, Price, & More

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Because Destiny is a project bursting with ambition and massive in scope, it’s impossible to get anything done on a small-scale basis. Change one thing in the game for PvP, for example, and there has to be some consideration paid towards PvE at the same time. In essence, Destiny is a collaborative effort that requires the whole of Bungie’s staff, in addition to marketing and PR teams.

Unfortunately, that massive scope and reach has put Destiny’s more private details at risk for leaks at nearly every turn. Not a single element of Destiny’s gameplay, content, or even its marketing has skated by without at least one leak. And with Bungie’s plans for 2015 still unofficial, we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Case in point: Destiny’s rumored standalone expansion, The Taken King, continues to build buzz despite Bungie not having said anything official. First there was a logo trademark, then Red Bull spilled the beans, and now Kotaku has got its hands on some new details about Destiny’s expansion that are sure to excite the community.

According to Kotaku’s document, Destiny: The Taken King will release this September and retail for $40. That in itself is not too far-fetched considering Destiny proper launched in September 2014. Not to mention, the introduction of Etheric Light added the ‘Destiny Year 1’ terminology into the mix, making The Taken King the first part of Destiny Year 2.

'Destiny' - The Taken King

Secondly, the leaked document claims that Destiny: The Taken King will include the usual bevy of new content. More specifically, The Taken King will add new story missions, new strikes, and new gear into the mix. And most importantly, Destiny players will finally see the introduction of a third raid with The Taken King.

Apparently, the main foil of The Taken King will be Oryx, another Hive god, or rather the presumed king of the Hive gods. According to Destiny lore, Oryx is the father of Crota (he of the Crota’s End raid) and is the leader of a Hive group called ‘The Taken’. Sounds intriguing enough, but we’re sure there will be some Destiny players disappointed that The Taken King doesn’t feature Cabal as its primary enemy. Of the Destiny enemy types, only the Cabal have yet to feature as part of a meaningful piece of new content.

And finally, those longstanding Destiny rumors are apparently true and The Taken King will add a new subclass for each Guardian type to the mix. Warlocks will get an arc elemental Super that is described as an electric storm. Hunters will get a gravity bow Super that does void elemental damage. And Titans will get a solar elemental hammer Super.

Destiny Classes Banner

Prior rumors had suggested completely different subclass options of the three Destiny classes, but these make more sense in the grand scheme of things. Giving each class a subclass of each elemental type is extremely important, especially for future Nightfall Strikes.

All in all, the leak seems fairly legitimate and aligns with prior assumptions about Destiny’s future content. Moreover, there’s nothing out of the ordinary on the docket, so those hoping Destiny might introduce something radically different for Year 2 are likely out of luck. Still, we’ll reserve any judgment until Activision and Bungie make their plans official, which most believe will be at E3 2015.

What do you think of the new subclass options? Would you buy Destiny: The Taken King for $40?

Source: Kotaku