Destiny Getting A Timed Exclusive DLC Mission Thanks To Red Bull

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Destiny Nightstalker Hunter

Destiny has proven to be a boon for both Bungie and Activision, as upon release, the game managed to pull in and retain a passionate fanbase. Destiny is constantly evolving through updates and two previously released expansion packs, offering fans more gear, missions, and events to undertake.

At E3 2015, Bungie took the time to tease fans with their next big expansion for Destiny, known as The Taken King. With even more weapons, armor, quests, and three new subclasses for players to explore in this add-on pack, fans have an additional opportunity to unlock another in-game mission with the help of energy drink maker, Red Bull.

Activision has confirmed that they’ve partnered up with the Red Bull brand to offer Destiny fans new content for the upcoming Destiny expansion. Fans who purchase these special cans of Red Bull will receive a code that unlocks the Focused Light consumable, giving players a 50% bonus to XP gain for 30 minutes, and a new quest.

While the details are sparse for this new quest, it is being described on the site as a never before seen multi-stage mission that will test the speed and strategic abilities of players in new ways. This new exclusive mission is set to launch alongside The Taken King on September 15.

The newly branded cans will become available at 7-11 stores in July before rolling out to additional retailers  in August. Closer to the expansion’s launch, a special Red Bull 4-pack offering a “Mega XP Accelerator” bonus, will arrive at Wal-mart stores. For fans who aren’t fans of Red Bull or energy drinks in general, the quest offer will be available to everyone after the exclusivity ends in January 2016.

Red Bull Destiny Can

The news may not come as a huge surprise considering in the weeks leading up to E3, Destiny themed Red Bull leaked and gave gamers a look at “The Taken King” logo long before the new expansion was revealed. The leak also gave people a heads up about the news that is currently releasing now, with the box image showing teases for bonus XP and a new quest.

Partnerships between games and food products are certainly not a new thing for gamers. Microsoft has traditionally partnered with Mountain Dew in support of new Halo games by offering fans a way to unlock bonus experience and other prizes. Call of Duty, another Activision property, commonly partners with both Mountain Dew and Doritos giving fans access to in-game items and bonus XP by entering codes into a website.

How many of you will be forking over the cash for some Destiny themed Red Bull? Do you like when companies go this route for upcoming games?

Destiny: The Taken King is releasing on Sept 15 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Red Bull